Thursday, November 9, 2006

French UNIFIL troops nearly fired at Israelis; world does not care about Israelis

Amidst the global condemnation of the Israeli firing at Hamas (attacks where Bush urged 'restraint'; let's see his reaction if anyone claimed the US should be 'restrained' in its fight against Islamofascists! Talk about double standard), the French nearly fired on Israeli planes in Lebanon. Evidently they were seconds away from firing. Of course, the French being the French, they didn't do anything. Still, very troubling. Remember the earlier post on here - the two reactions of the UNIFIL troops were to ask the Lebanese troops whether they should proceed if Hizby had weapons, and to fire at IAF planes, regardless. Some 'neutrality.' (but Culture for All readers already know about the UN being a corrupt, feckless, terror-enabling organization, which aids and abets Hizballah, and is far from 'neutral') The world has no patience for Israel. No matter what it does is wrong. If it dare has the audacity to fight back, they are a genocidal nation, bent on the Palestinian destruction. If they do not fight back, they are prime targets for more attacks. It is lose-lose-lose for Israel. So sad and tragic. While the world weeps for the Palestinian victims of a recent attack, an attack that was based on the Israeli need to defend itself and would not have occurred had the Palestinians not been attempting to wipe out the Israelis for decades, let us take a second to mourn the Israeli victims of terror. Let us also take a moment to mourn the fact that the Palestinians necessitate a fight for survival, and necessitate us to kill their children, by turning their children into killers and hiding behind children. As Golda Meir said:
We can forgive them for killing our children. We will never forgive them for making us kill their children.

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Red Tulips said...

Still as true today, so sad.