Monday, July 10, 2006

What does "CULTURE FOR ALL" mean?

I originally named this site "culture for all" as a reference to the restrictive intellectual property laws that grip the world, and the way in which our culture is being tied up for way too many decades by a small number of individuals/corporations. However, over time, this blog has changed in character. CULTURE FOR ALL has a new connotation to this blog, and in my opinion, this blog truly represents a belief in "culture for all." This blog stands for the belief that ALL people have a right to exist, and ALL people should be treated with humanity and respect. The culture and laws of a nation are not meant to benefit just a few - but rather should benefit ALL. And so, domestically, I stand for the constitution and the system of checks and balances within America, and the parliamentary democracies seen in the Western world. The core essence of these nations and their laws should be there to protect EVERYONE within them, and the core values should not be sacrificed as a sort of ends justifying the means. This means I stand for two precepts: a) strongly in favor of civil liberties, and b) strongly against ammeliorating the Christian facists, Islamofacists or any other facists by caving into their whims and CHANGING society so they feel more "comfortable." Because of a belief in "culture for all" I also am strongly in favor of freedom of speech, women's rights, gay rights, sexual freedom, and religious freedom, as long as this does not include the freedom for people to discriminate against others or treat others with disrespect in the name of "religion." As far as foreign policy, I recognize the threat that Islamofacism is to the continued precept of "culture for all." I am perfectly fine with Muslims peacefully living wherever they want - but Islamofacism, as distinct from Islam, seeks to assert Sharia law against the world. Islamofacism seeks to elliminate Israel, deingrate women, seeks to elliminate Jews and gays, and wages a mighty war on thought. In order to continue to allow for different cultures and people to coexist, and with a belief in a pluralsitic "culture for all" society, I see that Islamofacism MUST BE STOPPED. There is no appeasement for those who wish to annihiliate those who think differently. This means I am against pulling out of Iraq until we get the job DONE (but was against the war when started), and I am against all attempts of Western society to appease these Islamofacists. NOTHING appeases these people. This doesn't mean I advocate going to war with everyone who wages a saber at the West. We should fight SMART and not act impulsively, and only fight those who are truly a threat or who actively harm us, and take care to avoid civilian death. We also should not sacrifice our civil liberties in this fight, because then the Islamofacists win and we become more like them. I further strongly back Israel, and see Israel as a shining republic in the Middle East, amidst despotic regimes. Israel is truly a model of "culture for all," - where women have equal rights, gay people have full civil union rights, there is full free speech, and freedom of religion. (remember, 20% of Israelis are "Arab Israelis.") In contrast, the Palestinian cause is "anti-culture for all." The Palestinians wish to kick out all Jews from the West Bank, if they were to get control over the West Bank. They seek to have Islam as the official religion, and they do not allow freedom of religion or freedom of speech. In the Palestinian territories, you can get SHOT for suspicion of collaboration with Israelis. The Palestinians aim for civilians, have a media that is shockingly anti-semitic and teach their children a death cult, and then play victim when Israel fights back. Yet, because I believe in "culture for all," I believe the Palestinians should have their own state - as soon as they pledge to recognize Israel and pledge they will not attack Israel. (which they have not done) There are many great Muslims out there. Islam the religion is not inherently good or bad, just as any religion is not inherently good or bad. However, the face of Islam today is Islamofacism. Until Muslims on a greater scale seek to TAKE BACK their religion, this will be the public face of Islam. I know there are Muslims out there who want the notion of CULTURE FOR ALL. They want inclusiveness and a pluralistic society. I only wish they banded together and SHOWED THE WORLD that Islam can be peaceful. I believe in CULTURE FOR ALL. Live and let live. Peace. But I am not tolerant of intolerance.


felix said...

Are you OK with deporting certified Islamafascists out of the USA?

Red Tulips said...


Certainly. For non-citizens, access to the US is a priviledge, not a right.

kittynboi said...

I'm glad that at least some people on the left see the threat Islam represents to freedom.

Render said...

um Q...

Married? Single?


Red Tulips said...


Ooh a proposition! And they say that the two topics to avoid are politics and religion. ;-)

Render said...


I've been poking around a very old website/BBS forum in DC, looking for a post I made almost twenty years ago (pre-internet), that was very similar to what you just posted. Although not written nearly as well...

If I can find it, and it isn't to embarassing, I'll paste it over for an amusing comparison study.


The easiest way to avoid the topics of religion and politics is to agree beforehand.

I suspect I'm a little too old for you...a pity.


Once upon a time, I was an anarchist. It took me a while before I figured out how much Bakunin hated Jews.

That made me so angry that I flirted with Kach. Kahane was all well and good with the "Never Again" part, until he started in with the "cleansing" part. I wasn't buying into any of that either.

Nowadays my politics are a mix between Samuel Clemens and Winston Churchill, with a dash of Moshe Dayan/Arik Sharon, and a pinch of Roosevelt (Teddy) for good measure.


I keep wondering when we're going to get around to a real "war-time footing." General mobilization, rationing, martial law, internments, the works.

They keep saying it's gonna be a long war, and I believe them. Shouldn't we be fighting it that way? Does the enemy even realize how restrained our responses have been so far?


Red Tulips said...


Whoa. I am not okay with internments and do not feel martial law is justified. I do think that rationing and general mobilization are excellent ideas, though rationing may have unintended negative economic effects.

I consider myself a cynical social liberal and economic realist who secretly believes in optimism, deep down - despite what my brain tells me. I also deeply believe in the rule of law as a normative good and essential part of a republic.

LOL, I have no idea how old you are, but you are intelligent and (I believe) Jewish. That's something. *laughs*

I would definitely be interested in your old writings. I am always amused reading my old writings - even from February to today I had a drastic change in my world outlook. Having an antisemitic friend (who shall remain nameless), combined with the Danish cartoon riots really did a number on how I view the world.

Render said...


I'm not ok with internments either, didn't mean to imply that I was. That just seems to be a part of the "total war mobilization" pattern historically.

In a manner of speaking, martial law is already declared as much as it ever should be. All US military bases and facilities are already on a wartime footing and have been since 9/11.


felix said...

Well, the radical islamists would have to be interned until they are deported. see above.

Render said...


-No doubt. But, detaining individual radical Islamists prior to deportation is a far cry from detaining (or concentrating) an entire population group for the duration.

None of us here are calling for mass round-ups.

OTOH: Osaids democratically elected HAMAS government calls, quite often, for the death of all Jews, Israeli, Zionist, or otherwise. That leaves Israel with no room for negotiation.


Undeniable Liberal said...

Indeed a great concept. Culture for all.

Undeniable Liberal said...

I DO see some rather intolerant comments here, however. "Islamofascist? Actually, Islam believes in the christian old testament. They believe Jesus was a great prophet also, just like the Jews.
Keep in mind the intolerance of certain bush supporters such as James Dobson And Pat "assasinate chavez" Robertson. There is a form of Taliban in our country as well.

Red Tulips said...

Undeniable liberal:

Well, as I stated, I am also against Christian facists. Domestically, they have a far greater influence over politics than Islamofacists, who simply do not have the power to effecuate change on the domestic level. Christian facists are not blowing people up, but they are effecuating changes to the culture, education system, definition of science, and definition of what it means to be American in very fundamental and long lasting ways. What the Islamofacists attempt to do with bombs on the DOMESTIC level, Christian facists are accomplishing with political power and influence, plus sheer numbers in the electorate. So while the Islamofacists are more violent on the domestic level, the influence of the Christian facists is more extensive and pervasive. America generally not changing its national character in order to appease the Islamofacists.

HOWEVER, internationally, I see it as no contest. Christian facists simply are not trying to take over the world. They are not effectuating a corresponding death and victim cult. They are not trying to annhiliate Israel off the map. They are not attempting to convert Europe into Eurabia. They are not engaging in suicide bombings and attempting to force the world to recognize Sharia law.

Islam the religion is neither good nor bad, just as any religion is inherently neither good nor bad. I am quite aware of the origins of Islam. However, the face of Islam today is that of Islamofacism. The moderate Muslims who stand silent and watch as their religion is being hijacked remind me of the Germans during WWII who did nothing to stop Hitler.

I would say the same of ANYONE who stands silent and allows atrocities to be carried out in their name - except the fact is it is mostly Islamofacists (as opposed to other religions) that are carrying out suicide bombings.

That said, I do believe that Christians owe it to their gay and constitution loving brethren to stand up and say "NOT IN MY NAME," because Christian facists are giving fellow Christians a bad name, domestically.

Undeniable Liberal said...

But wouldn't you agree the the american taliban is in full support of turning the middle east int a USSA colony?
And when we control the oil. we control the entire world.....but NOT IN MY NAME!
Good luck on your bar exam. I, among others, will miss you.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Oops! I meant all but the last two sentences...old liberals have memory lapses at you already know.

Render said...

-Heh, and I just had a huge steak for dinner…


“I DO see some rather intolerant comments here, however. "Islamofascist? Actually, Islam believes in the christian old testament. They believe Jesus was a great prophet also, just like the Jews.”

- The term “Islamofascist” is a historically accurate descriptive. A spade is a spade.

-Islam does not “believe” in the Old Testament, Christian, (you missed a capitalization or three there), or otherwise. Any claim that it might, is simply disinformation, and relatively recent disinformation at that. I will agree that Islam in general recognizes “Issa” as a prophet, but they, (as a community) certainly make no attempt to follow any of his teachings. Witness Saudi Arabia.

-I was taught in rabbinical school that Jesus was a nice Jewish boy who went into his fathers business; nobody there ever mentioned that he was a prophet as well.


“Keep in mind the intolerance of certain bush supporters such as James Dobson And Pat "assasinate chavez" Robertson. There is a form of Taliban in our country as well.”

-I’m far more worried about Liberal fascists like David Duke, Louis Farrakhan, and Fred Phelps. Duke and Farrakhan have armed and uniformed stormtroopers. Since these three are your anti-Bush allies, perhaps you should re-think where your politics is taking you? After all, a spade is still a spade.

“But wouldn't you agree the the american taliban is in full support of turning the middle east int a USSA colony?
And when we control the oil. we control the entire world.....but NOT IN MY NAME!”

- I have yet to hear or read a single neo-con or any other right-winger type advocate for colonies, of any kind, although I grant it’s possible, even likely that some maniac might have. Or did you have an anti-Israel implication buried in there? I’ve seen your blog, like Osaid, you seem to have a problem with the history of the Middle East. Hey look, the spade is also a shovel.

- “Not in my name.” Ahh, I see. Sucking on the Soro’s teat are we? Now I understand. It would seem you have a bit of a problem with practicing Christians as well, care to explain how that itself isn’t a form of racism? Can you dig it?

“Good luck on your bar exam. I, among others, will miss you.”

-…and that is something we can all agree on without reservation. Break a leg, Miss R, we need more like you.


Steven said...

ooo, Hello U.L.

UL: "I DO see some rather intolerant comments here, however. Islamofascist? Actually, Islam believes in the christian old testament. They believe Jesus was a great prophet also, just like the Jews."

Judaism does not considder Jesus to be a prophet, however even if this was the case, I still don't see how that changes anything. Do you?

UL: "But wouldn't you agree the the american taliban is in full support of turning the middle east int a USSA colony?"

Please can you explain who is the "American Taliban". Thanks.

All the best.

ps. Render, you sound great. Good posts. :)

Osaid Rasheed said...

This is supposesd to be an open place for expressing thoughts not attacking others Render.

I have problems reading the history of the middles east ! Surely I do : especially after I feel myself obliged to read the history in the way others see it ( you ) and try to think before just saying anything.

It is me who is being tolerant and understanding, NOT you render.

And a note : reading your posts gives me an impression that soon vanishes after seeing your comments !

Render said...

The truth is never an "attack."

Merely the opposite of an untruth.


Anonymous said...

Islamafascists ???? ... how terrorise poor and inocent people... They didnt come to any country...they go to their country to kill inocente people... You full... O Jezus,told us to be kind and exam for others not organizing hate,madness...anyway the world wars came from west... Of course culture come from east. ... Stop this shit.