Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Time for the GOP to listen up!!

Now, that the election is over, it is time for Republicans to think about why they lost, and there is plenty to think about. One thing is that the fiscal conservatives have been abandoned for the religious right. Democrats are wise to consider that as they may want to push a progressive agenda, but hopefully the new class in Congress won't play that kind of ball game. Now, I present an article reminding Republicans that if they want me back, they may want to dump the Christianist crap and remember stuff like individual rights, fiscal conservativism, and that a number of close defeats for Republicans had Libertarians with enough votes to put the GOP dude over the top. Otherwise, maybe it is time to revive the Bourbon Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Who did you vote for, Thomas?

Red Tulips said...


I completely agree, obviously! Good article and thanks for linking it!

Thomas Forsyth said...

Shlemazl> I actually didn't bother. There weren't even any ballot measures in Louisiana. My Congressman Bobby Jindal was re-elected with 87% of the vote, and I knew he'd get re-elected as he didn't do anything that bad.

Now, I used to be in District 2 which will have a run off next month, and it will be interesting if Bill Jefferosn gets re-elected. He's been caught with 90 grand in marked bills in his freezer, and the Democratic Caucus stripped him of all power. Yet, he still led the race with a plurality, but you need a majority in Louisian to win.

Red Tulips> I do my best :)

Jason said...

Andrew Sullivan posted this small excerpt from the RNC's statement or something about the election;

""""We need to refocus on our conservative principles of less government, lower taxes, less regulation, strong national defense, judicial restraint, and fiscal conservatism. We have a very vibrant and strong party and a philosophy that works. We just have to recommit ourselves to better serving the American people.""""

Seems they got the message, or at least someone in the GOP did.

Anonymous said...

I see. Guess local issues and the quality of candidates plays a big part. Thanks.

Jason said...

"""" Guess local issues and the quality of candidates plays a big part.""""

Imagine that.