Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Penn and Teller debunk the bible

Thanks to Bacon Eating Atheist Jew! (though I saw this video before, I never thought to link it) This goes to the core of my atheism. It explains why I actively reject the bible...but...I do not reject the notion that moral precepts taken from the bible are at the basis of society itself. I understand that. I do reject the notion that following the bibical code is somehow necessary for one to lead a 'moral life,' whatever that is. The bottom line is that I am a believer in science, facts, and history. To the extent that the bible rejects facts, science, and history, I am appalled. To the extent that the bible has pulled together civilization in a common cause of advancement, I am grateful. And most of all, I identify myself as a Jew, and as someone who is deeply affected by Jewish history and philosophy, as distinct from theology. Thankfully, there is actually a movement of people just like myself! It is called Humanistic Judaism. Then again, I consider myself an atheistic Jewish American fag hag. As I said, I pride myself in my infidel status.


Ibrahamav said...

You seem to be confusing morals and ethics. Ethics are behaviors governed by man-made law. They are normally rigid and are required mostly for commerce.

Morals are those behaviors dictated by a religious code.

I would prefer that you be ethical, rather than moral. Muslims are very moral, especially those who commit suicide in order to kill Jews.

Red Tulips said...


Okay, I guess you are right. How very Tracy Flickish of you. ;-)