Monday, November 27, 2006

The 'hudna' in Israel and other such nonsense from Olmert

Carl in Jerusalem wrote a very detailed must read about how the current 'hudna' is a joke, as is the prospect of giving up 'land for no peace,' which is what Olmert is proposing. (please re-read my statements on the Palestinian statehood options here) An excerpt:

Olmert still doesn't get it. First, this conflict is not about territory - it's about Israel's existence. If this conflict were about territory, Gaza would not have become a terror base when it was gifted to the 'Palestinians' in 2005, and the 'Palestinians' would not be demanding that Israel vacate the towns that border Gaza. After all, those towns are within the 'green line,' and in Olmert's delusional world, the 'Palestinians' make no claim to them.

Second, the hudna that began at 6:00 AM yesterday (subject to its violation) has nothing to do with a 'new path' and everything to do with the IDF's effective fighting against the 'Palestinian' terrorists. The terrorists needed a break to regroup and rearm. They have said so. The IDF has said so. But Ehud K. Olmert, who was never even an officer in the army, thinks he knows better than the IDF. After all, he's a lawyer....

Third, Olmert has nothing to offer that will satisfy the 'Palestinians'. He's a lawyer. Note those carefully chosen words: "the Palestinians could establish an independent, viable state with contiguous territory in the West Bank, and have full sovereignty over recognized borders." But there's an elephant in the living room of the 'Palestinian' state. You see, the 'Palestinians' 'minimalist' demand (for now) is a contiguous 'Palestinian' state reichlet in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. You can't get from Judea or Samaria to Gaza without going through pre-1967 Israel. And of course, the 'Palestinians' don't want to be 'humiliated' with 'inspections' every time they go from one to the other. There's also a second elephant in the living room of the 'Palestinian' state - it's not economically viable whether or not Judea and Samaria are contiguous with Gaza.

Fourth, Olmert says that in return for kidnapped IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit's release, "Israel would be willing to release many Palestinian prisoners, including those who were sentenced to long prison terms, in order to increase the confidence between us and prove that our hand is outstretched in true peace." Forget for a minute that Olmert is just encouraging the next kidnapping. If he's releasing "those who were sentenced to long prison terms," he's releasing convicted murderers. What makes Olmert think they won't return to terrorism and murder?

Fifth, Olmert believes that many of the 'Palestinians' are "tired of the high price extremism is exacting on their society." Really? Where are they? Over 50% of the 'Palestinian' children between the ages of 6 and 11 want to grow up to be suicide 'martyrs'. Do your kids want to God forbid grow up to be 'martyrs'? Do Olmert's? Heck, Olmert's kids won't even fight in the IDF.

Sixth, Olmert says that "if the Palestinians responded, Israel would significantly reduce the roadblocks, increase freedom of movement, open and improve border crossings for goods and merchandise, and release Palestinian tax revenues held in Israel since Hamas's victory in last January's elections." Reduce the roadblocks? Let terrorists back into the country after we finally have a handle on it? Maybe next he'll offer to tear down the 'security fence' that has apparently been somewhat effective in stopping terrorism. And then he's going to release tax revenues to Hamas.... That'll make the Euroweenies happy anyway....

Seventh, Olmert is advocating an 'international conference,' at which Israel will sit across the negotiating table from twenty-two Arab countries, Eurabia, Russia, and the UN - and he will expect George Bush's lame duck State Department to protect him from the wolves? Has he gone mad? And on top of that, he's willing to accept 'parts of' the so-called 'Saudi initiative' (which has only been offered as a whole), which includes the 'right of return' that would innundate Israel with 'Palestinian refugees.' (And that's forgetting for a minute that most 'Palestinians' would not be satisfied by the 'Saudi initiative.')

And the 'Palestinian' response to Olmert's insanity?

It seems Olmert's response to the Palestinians is to slowly commit state suicide. But that is nothing new, as I have stated for quite some time that I believe he might be suicidally incompetant.

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