Monday, November 27, 2006

Creationism in British Schools

It seems truth in science want children to debate intelligent design alongside Darwin's theory of evolution. I've had a look at the website and it has the air of "We can't possibly be descended from chimps". They have also sent out creationist teaching materials to schools. Now i'm all for open debate, but the evidence for Evolution is far stronger than the evidence for intelligent design aka creationism. I am scientifically trained and to me truth in science are not following the scientific method, which is evidence based. They are instead picking apart the weak spots of Darwin's theory and not even attempting to take on Darwin's later researches while he was finding the evidence for his theory. To be frank i find the idea of creationism quite silly. Indeed for all the creationists know, Evolution could be what their god put in place to sustain life on planet earth. Let us test Darwin, teacher says Truth in science And in other intresting news, Richard Dawkins is setting up his own charity to flood schools with anti religious literature. Which is quite amusing. Though more than likely it's just Dawkin's way of staying in the public eye. People should be free to pursue religious beliefs. However they should also be tolerant of science, which has done a lot of good things for human kind. I am aware that not all science is used for good. However as with anything in life, people will abuse progress for their own ends. Be it religious or scientific progress.


Jason said...

No other scientific, historical, or academic idea is "tested" in schools. The way its supposed to work is that these things are solved, tested, and discusses in labs and academia and scholarly journals, and the things that pass muster are THEN taught in schools.

Anyone who has ever been to a school of any kind in the k-12 range should know better than to think its a good testing ground for determining ANY kind of truth.

Steven said...

Evolution and creative design do not necessarily conflict.

Jason said...

Evolution and literal six day creationism DO conflict.

And while some strains of intelligent design may not conflict with evolution, they are not true nor are they worthy of being taught in school solely on the basis that they do not conflict with evolution.

Red Tulips said...

Jason and Steven,

Intelligent design is not science, and hence should not be taught in a science class. If it is to be brought up, it should be brought up in a theology or philosophy class.

I do not understand why so few people bring that up as a solution.

To teach intelligent design in a science class is to go against the very basis of the scientific method.

Jason said...


Most people opposed to ID in science calss say they would have no problem with it being taught in a class on religion or philosophy.

But the proponents of it DON'T want that. Most of them want it in science class, for the sole reason that they have a specific agenda for getting it in there.