Monday, November 13, 2006

Carpe Opportunatis

Psst!!! Republicans. You lost the election, but you can still do some power plays. Now, this may be a violation of silly party discipline and some unwritten solidarity rules, but I found some publicly available info from Reason Magazine's blog. There may be some dissension in the ranks as Pelosi is backing Murtha instead of Hoyer for Majority Leader. Also, moderate Los Angeles Democrat Jane Harman may get passed over for Intel Committee Chairman and the slot would go to impeached judge Alcee Hastings. Also, if you look at the election, it wasn't a progressive, Naderesque, left-wing mandate, merely anger over bad leadership and the desire to toss out some knuckleheads like Weldon, Santorum, Allen, Chafee, and JD Hayworth. Now, you're in the minority, but party labels be damned!!! There are Blue Dogs and these sensible people you can work with, especially if you belong to this wise group, or love liberty, and let them enjoy the party. The choice is easy. A coalition of the sane and balanced, or partisan bickering. Put principle over party so these guys and the holier than thou can beg for the table scraps of power. It's time Americans really win an election.

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