Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I am a great fan of Aussie Dave's work over at Israellycool, his humour always brings a smile to my face from the the new-age Zionist weapons such as the Zionist Bannana of DeathTM and Zionist DraculatorTM, beauties like the Protest awards, to reporting on what the wonderful "peacekeeping" UNIFIL forces are doing. He can turn a very serious and possibly depressing piece of news and make it entertainment. That is talent, and that is why I love to read his blog.

But he is even better than that - yes really. Dave's articles are mind numbingly clear when it comes to important issues - and if you have not read Israellycool before I invite you to read this important post titled: "Disproportionate Response"
UN peacekeeping chief French Major General Alain Pelligrini on how UNIFIL may deal with Hizbullah terrorists on the way to attack, or even in the midst of attacking, Israel:
Contrary to Israeli hopes that the new multinational force in Lebanon will engage and disarm Hizbullah, the beefed up UNIFIL will not immediately open fire on Hizbullah guerrillas if they are on their way to an attack or even in the midst of an attack on Israel, the commander of the UN peacekeeping force, Maj.-Gen. Alain Pellegrini, told The Jerusalem Post Thursday in an exclusive interview.

While the new rules of engagement set by the UN allowed the new UNIFIL force to open fire in order to implement resolution 1701, Pellegrini said he would not automatically order his troops to open fire on Hizbullah guerrillas if they were spotted on their way to the Blue Line to attack Israel. The job of the new multinational force, he said, was to assist the Lebanese army and not to disarm or engage Hizbullah or even to prevent its attacks.

According to UN Security Council resolution 1701
(Link -ed), UNIFIL was in Lebanon to "assist the Lebanese army," Pellegrini said, and "to inform them and advise them how they can do their job."

"We first will observe and then inform the Lebanese army," he said. "If we see something dangerous we will inform the Lebanese army and it will decide whether it will act independently or consider having a joint reaction together with us."
UN peacekeeping chief French Major General Alain Pelligrini on how UNIFIL may deal with IAF flights over Lebanon:
UN peacekeeping chief in Lebanon French Major General Alain Pelligrini said on Thursday that should diplomatic efforts fail to stop Israeli flights over Lebanon, force might be considered in the future.

His comments came as the son of slain former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri urged French President Jacques Chirac on Thursday to help stop the Israel Air Force's overflights.

Pellegrini calledd the overflights "violations [of UN resolution 1701] because you have a foreign jet crossing first the Blue Line and entering the national Lebanese airspace."

"If the diplomatic means should not be enough, maybe it could be considered other ways, we never know," he added.

When asked if that meant in the future UN troops might consider preventing the overflights by force, Pellegrini replied, "it could be. It could be."

"l think that it could be considered, and it will depend on new rules of engagement drafted and decided [at UN headquarters]," he said.
Let's make it simple:

ActionPossible UNIFIL Response
Hizbullah attack IsraelObserve...and then inform Lebanese army
IAF planes fly over LebanonShoot down planes
See what I mean. ;)


Anonymous said...

They won't actually shoot at Israeli planes, 'cause Israeli planes might shoot back. It's just a bunch of useless cowards.

Red Tulips said...


True! And they are supposed to be disarming Hizballah? Yeah, right.

Steven said...

You are probably right - and I hope so.

Can you imagine if they did shoot at us though? It would start a war of Biblical proportions.

Anonymous said...


Don't they say that French tanks have 4 reverse gears and one to go forward in case enemy attacks from the rear?

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

How is it that we still pay attn to France? Why do world gov'ts care? They are cowardly, backstabbing, collaborating, dishonest. Why doesn't the world marginalize them? Why hasn't my president undone Clinton's stupidity and kicked them out of NATO?

I hope in the next WW they openly declare against us, because the though of being on the same side sickens me.

Anonymous said...

He is actually a cynic and conservative post-modern guy who agrees to slaughtering and hypocrisy. If you love to read his blog, you agree to be uncritical and violent, even inhuman.
As your entry is from 2006, its to be hoped that you changed your mind in some ways until now.

Red Tulips said...

To Anon,

So sad that you resort to hystrionic ad hominem attacks to those you disagree with.

Rather than producing even a single incorrect statement that Aussie Dave made, you say he is 'inhuman' and 'violent.'

Any third party can see who has facts on their side, and it is not you.