Thursday, November 30, 2006

Radiation found in 12 locations during investigation in Alexander Litvinenko's death

There is new information in the case of Alexander Litvinenko, Russian spy (and ex-KGB agent) who was assassinated via radiation poisoning (polonium-210) while investigating Anna Politkovskaya's assassination. It seems that there was polonium-210 found in 12 locations, amongst them, two British Airways planes. Putin is denying all involvement, but no one else had as much to gain as he did. All I am waiting for is for Putin or his cronies to blame it on the Zionists. I am sure it will happen sooner or later!


Irina Tsukerman said...

Well, actually they are already blaming it on someone - Berezovsky, who was indeed born Jewish, though converted to Christianity later.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red Tulips!

I have been following this news too. You know, I had no idea that Putin had any anti-zionist tendencies??

Cheers for now

Red Tulips said...


Thanks for stopping by!

It just seems all of the world's problems are blamed on the Zionists, so I said what I said rather jokingly! Hehe, evidently, someone born Jewish was blamed for the assassination, so maybe I was not far off!

Putin on Israel - as you can see, he is relatively pro-Israel, compared with Western Europe. But this is probably due to his own issues with Chechnya.

At the same time, Putin has been blocking UN sanctions against Iran, and has been selling anti-aircraft missiles to Syria/Iran. ([ref]

So it's a mixed bag.

But Russia has a long history of antisemitism, and Putin would likely do well to blame the Jews, as a way to deflect attention from himself. I am not surprised that he chose Berezovsky as his patsy.