Saturday, November 18, 2006

I wonder when they will enact fist control

Well, I was reading Reason Magazine's Hit and Run and found an interesting but disturbing sign. That kind of mentality is unfortunate, to say the least. It is also possible to take a life with your bare hands, so I guess eventually we will be forced to don foam rubber mitts at all time, unless granted Government permission to free our hands. Also, this news is heartbreaking. What has become of my beloved, ancestral homeland (well one of many)? First this Marxist turd, and now they are banning swords. What next, outlawing plaid? Of course, broken bottles kill people, too I guess after banning plaid, butterscotch, and bagpipe music, it will be illegal for Scots to save money, too.


Irina Tsukerman said...

I can't believe it. I LOVE swords. They are so beautiful. : ( I mean, sure, they should check before selling a weapon to make sure that the buyer isn't a nut case or has criminal record. But other wise... a person who wants to butcher someone will just use a big kitchen knife for the same purpose.

beepbeepitsme said...

I am more and more convinced that the banning of anything is counter-productive. This includes guns, swords, drugs and abortion.

Societies do, however, tend to place caveats or restrictions on most activities and the ownership of certain articles.

I don't think that "swords don't kill people, people do" is a valid argument", as obviously swords are designed to specifically kill and maim.

It is their primary design function. But of course, this does not suggest that everyone who owns a sword wants to kill or maim anyone or that they WILL kill or mian anyone.

Really, the best way to deal with behaviour which is considered anti-social, inappropriate, or immoral (whatever adjective you want to use), is through educating people in their duty of personal/social responsibility.

In this sense, even though ultimately an object may be designed to inflict harm, there is nothing in the "rule book" that says it HAS to be used for that purpose.

But I have to say it, I have always wondered what is happening in the psychology of someone who owns a huge collection of guns or swords.

Is there some sort of "power trip" happening because they have accumulated such potentially powerful articles? Do they feel empowered by the ownership of such powerful objects?

Thomas Forsyth said...

Irina> That is how I feel, plus I just cannot imagine the fabled and noble Highland warrior without a claymore in hand.

Also, I don't see how much of a threat a sword can be as despite the magic longcoats of Highlander, you can't conceal a few feet of steel, and they are mainly for show or ceremony, like my great great grandfather's Confederate Cavalry sabre, or even the modern Cav Officer's sabre.

Unless there are people in Scotalnd fighting duels and taking heads, because in the end there can be only one :)

I guess shoelaces can be banned, because they can be used as a good garotte...hell a towel and a large coin can be used in the same way, or some sturdy gloves and piano wire.

beepbeepsitsme> I'd also include transfats among your list.

Well, swords are weapons and yes they are desgned to kill people or defend yoruself, though these days they are mainly for show.

As for weapons collectors, it depends on the wepaon. Many weapons especially older ones are status symbols, or they have a historical connection. Also, some guys and ladies use them to show off..after all many guys would love to date a woman who owns or is interested in weapons.

For some it is a sense of power. For others, it is security. If a woman is alone in her car and a few scuzzy redneck-looking guys approach her from their pickups, she can pull out a shotgun and Bubba will run as fast as his beer belly lets him :)

Now, I woudl want to collect older weapons, firearms liek wheelocks, as well as swords, daggers, and flails that were used in history, even if they are cheap knockoffs, because I like how they look. I have a leatherman with a small blade,a nd I can use my boot laces as a garrote if I wanted to take someone's life, which I don't since I no longer work in Customer service :)

Irina Tsukerman said...

Furthermore, both swords and firearms can be artistically beautiful pieces, and from that POV alone are worth collecting.

Thomas Forsyth said...

Irina> That is another great point. I was in Florence for Labor Day weekend in 2002, and one decision I really regret was not purchasing a wheelock..I would have had to conceal it, but it could not be used at all, so perfect to collect and harmless.

I can keep going, but those are some great looking weapons, to say the very least, and some are affordable :)

ratherdashing said...

This reminds me of an article I read in the NRA's magazine, American Rifleman. I think it was Belgium that was making plans to ban baseball bats after a series of crimes were commited using the objects. No issue was made over pipe, hammers, or ax handles.