Thursday, July 27, 2006

Has the UN been neutral in Lebanon?

Much of the internet is going mad over the fact that four UN "peacekeepers" were killed in Lebanon the other day - Kofi Annan included, who said the attack was "apparently deliberate." Via Little Green Footballs, I heard an interview with a Canadian General, Lewis Mackenzie, stating that the UN allowed Hezbollah to use UN facilities. You must listen! Also great about that interview is that Lewis Mackenzie stated that there is no "bombardment" in Lebanon, and Israel is using amazing restraint. (well, obviously!) Good for him! Then, via a comment on Sandmonkey, I found a link to the Sydney Morning Herald's Blog, showing more proof and substance that the UN was complicit with Hezbollah terror. The UN was used as a shield by Hezbollah, and allowed themselves to be used as such. They are in the middle of a war zone, and are aiding and abetting Hezbollah. It's no wonder they were hit! It should be noted that the UN has since backed off their claim that no Hezbollah activity was occurring near their base. It is such a breath of fresh air to see and read the truth being published, and it is disgusting when Kofi Annan bloviates all over about Israel, without even acknowledging the UN's complicity in this debacle, or knowing all the facts! It is easier to speak out of the ass, isn't it? I mean, it's easy to see the level of 12 city blocks and conclude 'LEBANON IS BEING DEMOLISHED!' But of course, the facts and the truth tend to portray a rather different tale.


Anonymous said...

How about the post was fired upon 14 times!!!!

Red Tulips said...

Erm, that is hardly a source I would trust for news.

Albion Moonlight said...

The same info was reported on BBC (that the post was fired on fourteen times). But I would hardly call little green footballs a trustworthy source either.

Spare me your sanctimonious persecution complex. "They want to drive us into the SEA!!! So we will bomb them day and night until they stop PERSECUTING us!!!"

What a friggin joke.

Red Tulips said...


Little Green Footballs merely provided a database for me to link to a third party's interview. This has nothing to do with whether or not they are neutral or trustworthy. I did not link to a LGF editorial. I linked to a LGF database of an interview of a government official.

And it is not "sanctimonious." Hezbollah was actively working to destroy Israel - for years. It is about self defense. And survival.

Render said...

It is neither sanctimonious, nor a complex, if they really are trying to drive the Jews into the sea.

This is a sentiment expressed quite clearly in the Charter of the PLO/Fatah/Force17/al-Asqa/BlackSeptember, and echoed almost word for word in the Charters of both HAMAS and HizbAllah. It is the stated goal of both al-Qaida and the Moslem Brotherhood. It is alluded to numerous times throughout the Koran.

AB, you're running out of excuses.


In manner of speaking, I came from LGF as well.