Saturday, November 11, 2006

Shocking police brutality video from Egypt

I warn you. The police brutality video you are about to see is so shocking, that you may lose your lunch. I am not kidding. It actually is so disgusting, I felt violently ill watching it. And yet this is an important video to watch, to see the sort of wonderful democracy we are supporting in Egypt, with $2 billion a year. Inexcusable. Vomit-inducing. I found it via Sandmonkey, who calls the Egyptians experts at torture. He was not kidding. Watch at your peril. As a side note, the idiot Twosret decided in the comments on Sandmonkey's blog to use this as yet another excuse to bash Israel. This all makes a great deal of sense to me. You see, Israel is at the root of all evil, dontcha know? And as such, Israel is responsible because its very presence causes the poor Egyptian police to be bewitched with evil! No wait, better yet, it is not the Egyptian police who are torturing! It is all Mossad! Mossad=evil=Israel. See, that was simple enough! When in doubt, blame Israel. Twosret should be ashamed of herself, but she is shameless, and as such, nothing shocks me anymore. This is what the brilliant Raccoon said in the comment section re: Twosret:
Thanks to psychopaths like Twosret and X, this sort of thing will just continue in the Arab world. They just… don’t care, I think - for Twosret it’s a reason to bash Bushitler and Evil Joooz, for X it’s a reason to bash Evil Christians, Evil Jooz, and everyone who’s not insane in exactly the same way as him. This just slides off of them like water off a duck. But by the Gods, shouldn’t the man’s face be at least obscured? He has tortured and horribly molested - there is no reason to have his Imam or whatever see him and declare that he must be killed as a homosexual. Sandmonkey - if you have any idea who runs that site or how to contact them, I beg you, man, ask them to obscure his face. Here’s to hoping there’s enough people in the Egyptian society who are not like Twosret and X… and who will be shocked enough to actually get off their arse and DO something (and that this something will not include Ikhwan or blowing themselves up).
As usual, the Raccoon is right.


Jason said...

I still maintain that no TRUE free liberal democratic or republican of any kind can prosper in this part of the world, not without there first being major reforms on every level of their society, starting with religion and the myriad of traditions and customs mixed up with it.

Anonymous said...

Good old Twosret; never fails to surprise me. Can't help wondering what will the Joooz be responsible for next time.

She is so full of shit, it could blow up any time.

Steven said...

"She is so full of shit, it could blow up any time."

Thats an image!