Thursday, November 23, 2006

Another thing to be thankful for...

...That we are not Jonathan Pollard, wrongly rotting in prison for 20 years. Steven found an audio file interview with Esther Pollard, and she brought up facts I was not aware of, and have since panned out. Shocking. Please listen to the audio file, and tell everyone you know about Pollard's case. UPDATE: Facts about the Pollard case.


Revolutionary Blogger said...

Red Tulips,

Might want to checkout this Ynetnews article. Its hard to find balanced articles on the issue, but I think this Israeli paper is fairly close to it.

Red Tulips said...


There is no proof that in fact Olive's assertions are true, but I will agree Israel bungled the whole thing, and talk of a pardon cannot really happen until Israel cleans house, itself.

Steven said...

It's not exactly a balanced article is it RB.

"My first thought is how dare outsiders tell America how to deal with her national security?"

"There is no question that Pollard paid a heavy price for his crime. If Israelis really believe that the Pollard was robbed of justice, then the buck should start with Rafi Eitan. But instead of ostracizing from Israeli society, we have elected Mr. Magoo to the Knesset at the age of 83."

Rafi Eitan who is mentioned in that article with distain, he was in charge of the Mossad operation that captured Adolf Eichmann; the location of which the USA were hiding from Israel. Disgusting.

"FBI agent Ron Olive said that Pollard passed on classified information to Australia and Pakistan."

Israel aiding Pakistan. That's likely.

Notice how Pollard's defence use facts; the people attacking him use accusations without evidence.

The article you selected is a waste of space.

Steven said...

One thing in that article is correct:

"From start to finish, Israel mishandled the Pollard affair. If Pollard is still in jail, it is only because of Israel."

But it is not a matter of asking the US to bail us out; its a matter of taking responsibility for our (in)actions and learning to treat America correctly. As it stands Israel is a puppet of America.

Steven said...

Katrina M. Leung was paid $1.7 million to spy on China. Instead, for 10 full years she spied on the US FOR China. Eventually she was caught and tried. Her sentence? 3 months imprisonment 18 months home detention and $10,000 fine.

Now lets hear about the American justice system and Pollard.

Revolutionary Blogger said...

China has always been an exception when it comes to espionage and so forth. Clinton virtually held the door open for them. Its hard to find a major Fortune 500 Tech company that hasn't sold secrets to the Chinese. Its funny that Mossad, Shin Bet, Shabak, Aman, CIA, FSB, MI6 are always in the media, but the Chinese equivalent doesn't even have its name mentioned ever.