Monday, May 29, 2006

Does the consolidation of the media affect the free exercise of first amendment rights?

I say it does. I wrote a paper for law school on this very issue, and I figured I would share it with you kind folks. My thesis is as follows: Freedom of the press can only be enjoyed if the press exercises their First Amendment rights. As such, the consolidation of the media into a few big corporations is the gravest threat the American public faces to freedom of information. This consolidation has a seemingly innocuous effect on the American public; for every cost of consolidated media, there is also an alleged benefit. This paper, focusing on the television media, will show how the consolidation of the media has led to the constraining of first amendment rights. On the one hand, there are literally thousands of television channels offered through new media, such as digital cable. Hence, on the surface, it seems that the consolidation of the media has a benign effect on the American public. However, instead of more news being disseminated, the consolidated media produces less objective information to the public, and more “infotainment.” Furthermore, the consolidated media is more vulnerable to boycotts of its products and government regulations. This impacts upon the media’s independence and the variety of news that is shown to the American public. In response to new technologies and the increasing homogenization of the media, the Internet has been growing by leaps and bounds. Ultimately, the rise of the Internet and news sources with original fact fathering, such as,, and, will either eclipse the “mainstream media,” or it will be eaten up by moneyed sources, and be yet another outlet for the “mainstream media” to disseminate its content to the public. --------- If you would like to see the rest, it is found right here. I hope you enjoy!


Citisucks said...

Scary what the corporate terrorists are doing including taking over the media!

Red Tulips said...

Um...I wouldn't call them corporate terrorists. But yes, the media does suffer from incredible consolidation.

Citisucks said...

You love freedom of speech so much-and yet you deleted peoples comments-showing that good old SUV liberal hypocracy!

Would you please be so kind as to explain how you fit deleting peoples comments into being a free speech advocate?

Yes, they are corporate terrorists. $5 dollars to the party that will fight the corporate terrorists.

Red Tulips said...


Please define what a corporate terrorist is, and then detail exactly how these corporations are "corporate terrorists," with citations.

If you fail to do so, you are engaging in the war on thought.

I do not delete thought provoking posts that I disagree with - you will find this blog is filled with posts of that sort. However, your non-thinking posts have no place in my private forum.

Please make a rational point, and I will not delete anything. I am giving you my last warning, and will not delete your last post. In the future, if you want to say "SUV liberal," you have to define what it is, and then give examples and citations. Same for "corporate terrorist" and "cops are pigs."

I will not allow you to hijack this board and turn it into your own personal non-thinking zoo. Provide facts and real opinions, and you will be treated with respect, even if I disagree with you.

I cannot be any clearer.

Red Tulips said...

P.S.: Please donate your life savings to the Green Party. This must be the 10th time I have begged you!