Friday, November 3, 2006

Israeli lives do not matter

The president of the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school, recently had a Halloween party at her home. There were many guests who showed up in costume. One of them showed up in costume as a Palestinian suicide bomber. The president of this prestigious university happily posed with pictures with this person.

Think about the following...if this guy was dressed with a white hood in the KKK costume, would she gleefully pose for pictures? Would she be smiling if he dressed as Hitler? Why is it considered appropriate to dress as a Palestinian suicide bomber, and go to a party hosted by the president of an Ivy League School dressed this way? Do you think it would be so cool to see someone with a rope, faux-lynching a black person, at such a party? Obviously not. But yet, this is cool...

You see this guy training a little boy to be a future suicide bomber. This is at the party hosted by the president of the University of Pennsylvania.

More on the party right here.

I came across something else today that was very disturbing - Jerome a Paris over at Daily Kos posting the image of the Holocaust cartoon contest winner, and then saying this is a legitimate debate we should be having! Lest we forget, the images make it seem as if Israelis are perpetuating a genocide upon the Palestinians, and that they use the Holocaust as a justification for these actions.

This is the winning cartoon:

In fact, the truth is the opposite. Israel has been giving up land from day one, and the Palestinian population has grown by a factor of eight. Anyone who claims 'genocide' is usually stupid or believes Israelis should be the subject of a genocide. We know where Iran stands on that side of the debate. While I do not believe in censorship, it is clear this is NOT a legitimate debate to be having.

This is what Markos Moulitas had to say about Jerome a Paris's post:

Jerome is there to stand for the freedom of the repressive Ayatollahs to spread their anti-semite propaganda! What would they have done without him?

Most ridiculous diary ever. Worst timed diary ever. Do the right thing and get this shit off the site. Or, at the very least, wait until next Wednesday to repost.

In other words "This makes Democrats look bad, post it later!"

That's great to know. I just do not understand why it is that there is such a careless disregard for the lives of Israelis. Are they not human? Are they not made from the same flesh and blood as the rest of us? Why is there such a disdain for fellow humanity who are simply doing what they can to survive in the face of a genocidal death cult?


Steven said...

"I just do not understand why it is that there is such a careless disregard for the lives of Israelis. Are they not human?"

Well, no!

I am hungry for human....

Red Tulips said...


Shhhhhh, don't tell the Palestinian children, they may run away and we may not be able to enjoy a good matzoh this year without their blood to flavor it!

Steven said...

I prefer the brains myself - great for snacks and very low calorie (empty headed!).

Dammit! Now I am hungary and I have blown my cover.

Steven said...

Re: Cartoons.

Its better than the other Holocaust cartoon, but the only topic that one can talk about from it is the state of the Jew-hating world.

And that suicide bomber...

Thomas Forsyth said...

Red Tulips> They have enough children to spare, just like the Irish in "A Modest Proposal" :)

Steven> You're hungary? I guess that's better than being bulgaria :)

My own theory about this is a perverse cult of the udnerdog where spoiled kids want to champion third-worldism and all sorts of third world causes, beyond ones that would actually improve conditions and produce nations like South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and even Ireland (which went from thrid world status to beating the UK in economic freedom and I believe per capita income), but that woudl end struggle and probably promote greed, commerce, and destroy the purity so romanticized, and many of these raidcals probably are more anti-semitic, because Israel is a productive nation and has an Army that could make France surrender with a dirty look. To the radical, spoiled, self-hating priveledged brats feel betrayed by the fact that they can no longer romaticize the persecuted Jewish victim, but instead must recognize with the Jewish victor.

I'd say sadly the Ivy Legaue is full of such people who despise the priveleges they have and want to champion causes mired in poverty instead of actually helping the individual succeed.

Granted, what I say may be too simplistic, but I welcome enlightenment :)

Ibrahamav said...

Making the French surrender is no great feat. Most third rate Arab forces could do the same.

Jad said...

Isn't the idea of Halloween to wear scary clothes ?
If so, then I'd agree with that guy as he's wearing scary one.

Steven said...

That's a very interesting perspective Jad.

I would disagree; Halloween is almost a fantasy holiday. It is not the same as dressing up as a zombie. It is not the same as dressing up as Hitler either - it is current, not the past. Like Red said: You wouldn't dress up as a member of the KKK to a Halloween party - even though their activities are mostly relegated to the past. There are places where one just does not go.

Suicide bombers are current; which makes this statement even worse than dressing up as a member of the KKK. Dressing like a suicide bomber is making a political statement, it is expressing solidarity with mass murderers.

Anonymous said...

She has apologized now. Apparently it's normal to be photographed with all the guests and it took her a while to realize that the guy is dressed as a suicide bomber.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

And yet jews are expected to vote overwhelmingly Democrat again, even though the attitude of this woman is very common on the left.

Shlemazel, are you really willing to give her the benefit of that doubt, that a University president is that stupid?

**another jew turns a blind eye to his oppressor**

Red Tulips said...

Mr. Smarterthanyou:

Shlemazl only commented on the UPenn president's apology, and did so in a sarcastic way. He did not comment on the sincerity or lack thereof of the apology. You take it on yourself to castigate Jews in response to this.

Disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself and your capacity to hate.