Friday, November 17, 2006


Just another day and a half until Nintendo WII comes out. WIIIIIII!!! I know you are all crapping bricks with anticipation!

Enjoy, Jason!


Jason said...

god damn thats great. Damn. I KNOW what show that opening thing is satirizing. I'm sure I do. Its on the tip of my tongue.

Whats funny is that I've wanted to put myself in a coma several times when things I was waiting for seemed too far away to bear. XD

"Theres gotta be some way to hook it up! Its the freakin future!"

I wish I could have also bought a PS3, but I just didn't have the $$, and the Wii had lots of launch titles I really wanted.

Red Tulips said...


They were satirizing Buck Rogers, evidently.

South Park rocks, but that show in particular was amazing!

Red Tulips said...


Here is the opening of Buck Rogers!

Buck Rogers!

Thomas Forsyth said...

I absolutely loved watching reruns of Buck Rogers back in summers during HS and College, especially with Erin Gray on the show :)

I'll see about getting Buck Rogers on my netflix :)

Kevin said...

Bravo showed Buck Rogers over here a few weeks or was it months ago. It's the campest thing i've ever seen after the original battlestar galatica.

As for the Nintendo Wii, i'm waiting till after crimbo before i get my hands on one. Hopefully i won't have to fight 9 year olds with their parents to get one.