Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The IDF does not commit 'murder' or 'state terror'

I think a clarification in our international discourse is needed! Beit Hanoun was not terrorism because the Israelis did not aim for civilians. The IDF, as its policy, do all they can to avoid civilian deaths, but they sometimes make mistakes. That is what happens in war. This contrasts with the Palestinians. Looking at a listing of fatalities is meaningless, since most Palestinians are killed by Palestinians. The people in charge of the Palestinians are terrorist criminals who terrorize the local population into submission. They kill more Palestinians than Israelis! Let's compare the reactions of the Israelis and Palestinians... Israelis: When Palestinian civilians are killed, there is a national mourning and inquiries into war tactics uses. Palestinians: When Israeli civilians are killed, there are celebrations, and an inquiry into what was done to kill so many civilians, so it can be replicated in the future for greater effectiveness. This is not murder. It was not deliberate. When the Palestinians act, it is murder. They purposely aim for civilians. I spoke to someone whose uncle was killed by a suicide bomber, and was on the scene and heard a Palestinian ululating over her uncle's death. THAT is murder. When Palestinian terrorists hide amongst civilians on purpose, knowing they are endangering the lives of the civilians, THAT is murder. What the Israelis did at Beit Hanoun was fight back after constant rockets being fired into their country, but missed. They engaged in self defense. It is as far from murder as one can get. Anyone who claims the IDF committed 'murder' at Beit Hanoun are saying so because they place unreasonable demands upon Israel, that they never would any other nation. They engage in 'the soft bigotry of low expectations.' They are also upset that Israelis do not lay down and die when the Palestinians ask them to. Sorry, that is not acceptable to me!


Revolutionary Blogger said...

Apparently the IOF claims it was a "mechanical issue" with the weapon system that led to this incident.

As an American tax payer, I would recommend the IOF to stop using "faulty" US donated weapon systems. Free stuff is usually not as good as stuff you buy from your own hard work...right?

Red Tulips said...


There have been mechanical failures with US weapons operated by Americans on many occasions.

And this is not 'free stuff.' Israel is not the only recipient of US aid, but it is the only recipient that seems to have totally given over its national hegemony in exchange for aid. Not only that, but Israel does not just accept weapons. They make many major alterations to the weapons.

C Guillin said...

Israeli media describe killing civilians as terrorism. However, when Israeli occupation soldiers kill Palestinian civilians, they do not describe the Israeli killers of civilians as terrorists. It's time for Israeli terrorist acts to be described as terrorism.
Israeli occupation forces use the term "arrest" for "kidnapping" Palestinians from their homes. Objective media worldwide should not fall to the Israeli trap. This is kidnapping.
The Israeli occupation of Palestine is illegal under international law. The Israeli occupation government and its occupation forces have no jurisdiction over Palestinians. Only legitimate governments can arrest citizens. It follows that the correct term is "kidnapping" Palestinians, not "arresting" them by Israeli occupation forces.

Red Tulips said...

c gullin:

Obviously you did not read a single thing I wrote. First of all, Israel is a country with legitimacy as any other. It is not 'occupying' anyone. But secondly, the fact is that the IDF does not aim for Palestinian civilians. They do all they can to avoid Palestinian civilian deaths. This is the OPPOSITE of murder!

Moreover, the majority of Palestinians are actually killed by Palestinians. Of course, you would never know that with the eway the media portrays things.

Palestinians, in their actions, seek to annhiliate the Israelis, and the Israeli spirit. The Israelis, in contrast, seek to defend themselves from annhilators.

Thomas Forsyth said...

C Guillin> Such brave words for one without a link..slightly braver than an anonymous post, momzer!!

It's easy to judge the IDF's agressive defense from behind our computer screens and with all our comforts, plus now that Jews are strong, have a nation, and are kicking butt, the time of pity-based solidarity is over. Instead, the pity party shifts to a cause that does no good.

I don't like that innocent bystanders get killed when the IDf strikes at terrorists, but the IDf does its bets to minimize collateral damage. I woudl love it if the IDF had even more precise weapons, and while I'm at it, I'll have a ten bedroom condo in Manhattan without paying property tax on it, too :)

In a perfect world, the Israeli Arab War would be a gigantic tourism led price war where all the nations in the Middle East comepete to see who can generate the most revenue and milk the most tourists and pilgrims.

The military and militia groups would merely engage in ceremonial parades, too. Alas this is not a perfect world and Israel must defend herself. Of course, I imagine the "international community" would publicly condemn Mordechai Anielwicz