Thursday, November 2, 2006

Neutron Iran?

...There is a third alternative and that is to drop neutron bombs not on Iranian nuclear sites but on Iranian and Syrian conventional forces — Iranian and Syrian armies and airfields. This would ruin the entire Iranian and Syrian militaries instantly and make an Israeli ground invasion all the way deep into Iran an overnight cakewalk...


Steven said...

This option gets the Steven "I don't like the situation we are in, but I think we should take this option seriously" seal of approval.

What are your opinions on this?

Red Tulips said...


This option gets my 'I am distressed that it is the only thing that approaches a solution, despite how queasy it makes me feel' Red Tulips seal of approval as well.

I would not like having to do this, but honestly, the alternative is annhiliation.

Are there any serious alternatives that avoid total annhiliation?

Steven said...

Normal military attacks will not work; I see this as Israel's only option to defend itself.

Hypothetically I am concerned about how feasable it is with the IDF spread so thin; and the political aftermath for Jews around the world. I thin the author has a rosey picture of how the international community would react.

Thomas Forsyth said...

Too bad we can't create a bio-weapon that locks onto whatever brain defect causes anti-semitic thinking and give all anti-semites anuerisms.