Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Voting day in the US

It is midterm elections in the United States. I am rooting for the Democrats to win for the simple reason that I am hoping for stalemate. My desire is for no bill to be passed whatsoever, and for the fiscal conservatism that will result from a divided government. I used to see Democrats as the party of social liberalism, but now, I cannot even see that. The Clinton White House was one with NAFTA, social security 'reform,' and also basically little effort to get off the oil addiction. (not to mention a 100% deplorable foreign policy) What about it's social policies? 'Don't ask, don't tell?' Please, what an utter joke! In short, I view the Democrats as 'Republican lite' when it comes to social issues. And so, I find it hard to actively support the Democrats anymore. I believe neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have what it takes to fight Islamofascism, and neither have any clear stance on domestic policies, either. The Democrats are somewhat better than the Republicans in their domestic policies, but so what? It's not enough. Just look at the Clinton White House as a perfect example of this. And so, yes, I am rooting for the Democrats, but very marginally. I just don't see it as this watershed event if they win. I don't see the Democrats as much of an improvement over the Republicans, and I am sure there will be playground squabbling and subpoenas, but I doubt there will be much change in our political landscape. Are we going to leave Iraq if the Dems win? No. Are we going to suddenly not have a deficit for the next fiscal year? Doubtful. Are we going to tackle immigration? No. Are we going to get off the oil dependency? No. Are we going to deal with the trade deficit? No. Are we going to accomplish much of anything of consequence? Very doubtful. This is why, far from rooting for positive change if the Dems win, I am merely rooting for no more legislation whatsoever. My hope is that Congress legislates nothing. That is the only positive thing I can see on the horizon. And so to you Culture for All readers, I say, go vote if you see a candidate worth voting for, but I certainly understand if you are so demoralized by the pathetic choices, that you decide to exercise your right not to vote. Do what you think is best. And do not let anyone make you feel guilty for exercising your civic right to abstain from the farce that are the midterm elections.


Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Why not to vote for Democrats:

Nasrallah is for a Vietnam like end to the Iraq war. Obviously, many Dems are advocating just that. Here is Nasrallah:

More on what the Dems and the terrorists have in common, with explicit terrorist endorsements!!
The Communist Party USA supports the Democrats, do you support them?


Democrats are willing to commit wholesale election fraud, and their front groups are getting busted bigtime:

Fraud already happening today:

One cannot ignore the fact that the Democrats (with help from the ACLU) are fighting every measure in the country that protects the integrity of the voting system. Somehow, in a country where you cannot rent a movie or cash a check without an ID, they support an election system that allows illigal aliens, dead people etc to vote, just in case a few bed-ridden vegetables are denied the vote because they lack ID cards.

How can you hand power to such a party? The GOP has grown arrogant in power, but the Dems are unglued, un-american and un-principled.

Personally, I will be voting for the lousy RINO's, and then I will try to help some real conservatives in the next primary season.

Red Tulips said...

Mr. Smarterthanyou:

I am aware of what was on Memri. So the hell what? The Dems are not going to end anything. They will hem and haw and not get anything done. This is what I want.

I don't care who endorses the Dems, I only want to see what the Dems stand for. They stand for nothing. But then, neither do the Republicans! So my hope is that playground squabbling will prevent major legislation from being passed.

As far as voter fraud, don't make me laugh. There is enough voter fraud on BOTH sides of the aisle to write several tomes.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Don't do the typical thing of saying both side do it, the overwhelming evidence is democratic fraud, and when one thinks of how they oppose all legislation that inhibits election fraud, it is obvious.

While in many ways I agree that gridlock is good, think about a couple of other things: The economy is doing GREAT, but Democrats are vowing to not re-authorize the tax cuts. This is bad. They will also not take action to secure our border with mexico, that is bad. They also promised to de-fund the Iraq war, and if they get leadership on intelligence comittees, they will do things that help our enemies. If you want the Iraq war to end like Vietnam, the Dems are your choice.

They will also distract the hell out of Bush with endless inquiries and hearings designed soley for political purposes. Don't forget that they are already on record (unwittingly) admitting that they even used the 9/11 commission for partisan advantage (don't say both sides do it without proof please). They will oppose John Bolton for the UN again, even though he has been a strong voice for reform, and a strong voice for Israel. They will block any judge that is worth having on the bench.

As far as your "so what", if terrorists are saying "Vote Democrat", then you have to understand that a vote for Democrats will probably get more people killed. Pretending that you can ignore the threats that the democrats made about what they will do if they are in power, well, that is just as stupid as ignoring the threats from Iran, Hamas or Hezbolla.

Steven said...

If the Dem's win, at least there will be no veil. Nobody would be able to pretend that a Democrat US government supports Israel.

Both political parties are useless; I wouldn't vote for either of them... even though the chances of a third option getting through are lower than picking up a jackpot winning EuroMillions ticket in the middle of the street.

Strategic Voting:
Most people vote 'strategically' because we assume that only a hand-full of parties stand a chance of getting anywhere. As a result, only a hand-full of parties get anywhere!

Until the majority of people in our democracies realise that votes to smaller parties count we won't vote for people who we actually want to represent us. By voting for parties that we don't even want we are digging our own political graves.

*I know this is unrealistic though, perhaps we are already laying in our political graves.


Red: "The Dems are not going to end anything. They will hem and haw and not get anything done. This is what I want.

I don't care who endorses the Dems, I only want to see what the Dems stand for. They stand for nothing. But then, neither do the Republicans! So my hope is that playground squabbling will prevent major legislation from being passed.

As far as voter fraud, don't make me laugh. There is enough voter fraud on BOTH sides of the aisle to write several tomes.

Ahhhh, beautiful democracy! Let us spread this beautiful political system throughout the world!


Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Milwaukee election fraud, or at least an overt attempt at encouraging illegal voting by felons by the Democratic election board. More links down the page:


Jason said...

If I were you, I would just ban stupiderthanyou from commenting here anymore. Some ideas don't deserve to be taken seriously.

Red Tulips said...


I hate resorting to banning unless as a last resort. (sort of a practice the free speech I preach)

Mr. Smarterthanyou of course is wholly ignoring the litany of Repub voter fraud stories.

George Allen's campaign threatens to suppress Dem votes:


Phony voter guides:


FBI already investigating election law violations of George Allen's campaign:


Then there is the fact that Bush Jr's grandpa funded the Nazis and the extensive anti-semitism of James Baker, ex-secretary of state under Bush Sr. Oh, and let's ignore Iran-Contra, huh?


The point is that the system is hopelessly corrupt from top to bottom. At this point, I see an honor in not voting. Personally, I may vote, just to vote against Hillary Clinton. Otherwise, I see no reason to even bother.

Red Tulips said...

Let me add that however much I feel ill at the American 'democracy,' it still is the best option out there in the world! (in my opinion, anyway)

This says something, doesn't it?

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Umm, none of these things is proven to be related to Allen. That is a bit different than Dems being on the record opposing ID cards for voters, and Dems registering dead people, and Dems doing all the other things listed.

Some crap about w's grand-dad doesn't compare to TODAY. Heck, we can find dirt on both sides going into the past all day long, but the fact is we have sitting congressmen and senators who supported and do support communism. But we have one Senator with a history with both Nazi's and Commies. Ted Kennedy's dad was pro-Hitler, was a mofia bootlegger, and now we find out from Kremlin documents that Kennedy wanted to work with Andropov to propogandize against Reagan in '84.

Iran-Contra is old news too, with little bearing on today, and trust me, James Baker carries no weight with conservatives (the GOP and Conservatives are not the same, the GOP has lost it). Is Baker somehow a factor in these elections anyway?

But hey, if pulling this irrelivent crap out is your answer to the Dem's pattern of socialism/communism, anti-sematism, support of terrorists, election fraud, then I guess like a typical liberal, you decided how you FEEL, substitute your feelings for thinking, and refuse contradictory data.

Oh yes Jason, show us all how you love the free exchange of ideas.

Red Tulips said...

Mr. Smarterthanyou:

There already is an FBI investigation into Allen voter fraud. This is a fact you ignore. I showed phony voter literature that was sent out (this was not by Allen, but by GOP supporters) and you ignore it.

I am well aware of Joseph P. Kennedy. My point was not that the Dems are saints, but that the Repubs are not to be trusted with Israel. The bit about Iran-Contra absolutely is relevant today. It makes one wonder if the Iraqi government in power, a Shia dictatorship we are fighting and dying to protect, was purposely put in place. There is a long history of arming the Iranians and backing Shia Sharia law. There is much reason to suspect that the Iraq War is merely a continuation of the past.


As far as James Baker - he is still an active advisor to Bush Jr and is hardly marginalized.

Oh, and in terms of voter fraud, the 2000 election had so much voter fraud, it is ridiculous. From turning away black people from the polls to the debacle that was Bush v. Gore, Republicans have many skeletons in their closet. So do Dems.

They pretty much both suck - which was my original point.

Steven said...

Atlas is GOP.

She also relayed a post by Caroline Glick: Our World: A midterm correction, or capitulation?

"Insofar as ethnic group politics are concerned, it may very well be the case that American Jewry has more riding on the results of today's Congressional elections than any other American ethnic group."

What do you think of this article?

Thomas Forsyth said...

I remember the enthusiasm I felt back in 1994, and now I feel depressed. Ideologically I'm much more to side with the GOP than the Democrats, but I am angry with my former party. They have abandoned Barry Goldwater, small government, fiscal conservativism. I look at the Contract with America and I bitterly laugh at how we were taken.

I wil be curious to see what the end result of the election is. I have a few folks I want to see win and some I will be happy to see lose, but I have no enthusiasm this time around, even if it is teh first election since 2000, where I got to view it form US soil.

The Democratic victors are not going to be like Canada's NDP, but probably more liek their Red Tories, so I don't see nay catastrophes, or a massive LBJ style spending spree, as Bush already gave us that. I don't see 90% tax brackets coming back, and I highly doubt even the progressives will slash the military pay raise I am projected to get next year.

Maybe, just maybe there is hope. Maybe the Republican Main Street Coalition and the Blue Dog and New Democra wings will form an alliance of common sense and reform, but I even I know I am kidding msyelf to think that up.

I thought about regsitering in Ft Hood, so I could vote for Kinky Friedman, but I relaized I want no ties to this miserable place. In New Orleans, I have a Congressman who will get re-eecletd, because he ahs done nothing wrong. In my old district, I want to see the results as the incumbent was caught with 90 grand in his office freezer, but I have no enthusiasm, juts a morbid curiosity over a few races.

Anonymous said...

Well, Bush sure screwed up a few things. Fiscal conservatism is most certainly something that the US could do with. All in all I would have voted for republicans because I want the US to stay the course in the war on terror.

Jason said...

Well, at least christ boy santorum lost.

If onyl Lieberman lost. The most anti video game politician out there deserves a thousand humiliating losses.

Red Tulips said...


It remains to be seen if the Dems will simply finger point at Israel. I didn't end up voting Dem yesterday. There were no really contested seats in my district, but out of disgust for all candidates, I voted a straight Libertarian ticket.

Anyway, we shall see if my gridlock dream comes true. Here's hoping!

Red Tulips said...


Bush was not up for reelection. Personally, I doubt much will change in the war against Islamofascism. It will be more of the same old bullshit.


Yes, I am aware of Lieberman's anti-video game stance. You are probably one of the only people to hate him for that reason alone!

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Turning away black people from the polls?

The only places where there was alleged vote fraud was in deomocratic controlled districts.

They can investigate Allen at the last minute of an election, when there are no links between the shenanigans and him, and you care to put that on parity with registration fraud?