Thursday, November 30, 2006

English Smoking ban and Smokers reactions

So on July 1st 2007, smoking in pubs, clubs and other enclosed public spaces will be banned. And i am happy about that ban. One of the reasons that i don't like pubs all that much is because of all the second hand smoke. I am asthmatic and that second hand smoke makes me ill (brick wall on chest kind of feeling time). I have seen at first hand what smoking related diseases do to people. It's not nice and makes smokers arguements all the more stupid. I'd ban smoking outright, but that is unlikely for the time being, seeing as it's a good source of tax for the British Government. Smokers have made the typical arguements about people having the right to smoke, one even went onto thump on about it being a side show to deflect attention from Iraq - BBC News Article Though in the long run, getting people to quit smoking will save money for the NHS. Who have to deal with the results of smoking related diseases. I don't think there will be a total ban on smoking in the near future. But hopefully people will come to realise that smoking is one of the stupidest habits one can take up. There are cheaper and healthier ways of getting pleasure. I am a rabid anti smoker, and have been since my grandmother died some years ago. I've never smoked and do not intend to. Even though a certain person who shall remain nameless thought it would be a good idea if i did because i'm mentally ill. I will continue attempting to get my parents to quit, even though my dad is a typical smoker, blinded by his need for nicotene and his right to smoke. If any smokers are offended by my views then tough. I don't like having asthma attacks due to inconsiderate smokers who light up and accuse me of being a spoil sport for asking them not to smoke near me.


heavy smoker said...

If going to a smoke filled pub gives you an asthma attack, why do you go there? Do you sit in the street and complain about being hit by a truck?

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

So because you are an athsmatic, you seek to control others. Kind of like the people who have a kid with an allergy to peanuts who force entire schools to ban them, to ban kids from bringing their own. Or muslims who don't eat pork trying to ban it in restraunts, airplanes and schools.

Try the free market approach:
If there are enough non smokers who like pubbing, then there would be non-smoking pubs. See, that is what freedom is all about.

The UK is turning into a PC police state, and you seem fine with seeing Orwell's nightmare come true. "All for a good cause".

Kevin said...

Exactly the responses i expected.
Watch somebody die from a smoking related disease and see how you feel then.

And MrStupiderthaneveryoneelse, it's the nanny state not police state.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

It is a police state when only the nanny has guns, and people cannot defend themselves. The nanny state one step further is a police state.

I lost 3 grandparents to cancer. But that doesn't give me the right to go jacking about with free markets to force pubs to dissallow smoking, fatty foods, or whatever.

Of course you expected that response, you know you are advocating less freedom, and that others object.

Red Tulips said...

Secondhand smoke causes a host of ailments. In contrast, no one else is harmed when someone eats fatty foods. This absolutely is a concern.

To that I say the solution should be obvious: allow for some clubs to license themselves as smoking bars, and for the rest to be smoke-free. The market will determine how many smoking and non-smoking bars exist, and this way, choice is had by all.

Thomas Forsyth said...

Red Tulips> I think you present the best idea, and of course the market will be key. Now, I personally have trouble picturing a British pub without smoke, or for that matter a Parisian cafe without smokers, but I do not choose to smoke, and I kep my distance from my own mother be she stinks of cigarette smoke.

In contrast, no one else is harmed when someone eats fatty foods. Well, what if Rob Reiner falls on you and crushes a bone or two :)

If there is a total ban on pub smoking, hopefully some pubs can decalre themselves smoking clubs, or something similar, because I see a lot of commerce being hurt by a total ban.

Anonymous said...

Smokers have every right to poison their own lungs, and give themselves emphysema,lung cancer,throat cancer,tongue cancer,mouth cancer. What makes them think they have a right to poison the air I breathe?

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

What make you think you have the right to barge into private property (bars) and tell everyone else how to behave?

How about the best compromise, eliminates gov't altogether.

Bars/pubs must have a sign, outside, prominently displayed, that says if they are smoking or non?

What you will find is that non-smoking bars are as successful as vegitarian tailgate parties.

Which, for the more dense socialists out there, is exactly why bars and pubs oppose anti smoking laws. The free market is ALREADY at work.