Thursday, November 9, 2006

Jihad Watch proves that Eteraz's 'no death for apostasy' development is not convincing

I earlier wrote that Eteraz stated that death for Islamic apostasy has been disproven, via an examination of the Quran. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch shows that in fact Eteraz posted what amounts to a hoax of a post, and was highly deceptive. *sighs* Spencer is very convincing, sadly. "Breaking the neck" for apostasy is hardly an improvement over death for apostasy. UPDATE: Eteraz replied to Spencer's post, and then Spencer replied to the reply! Fascinating reads! But in the end, Spencer's posts hold the greater intellectual water.


Steven said...

Oh right, you already had that article posted! :)

Anonymous said...

Jihad Watch and Robert Spencer are the best source of information on Islam and Muslims. If enough people read about what's happening then maybe the myth of "Peace Loving Muslims" will be gone forever. BTW, that's the title of one of his books.

Red Tulips said...


As I have stated, I do believe there are peaceful Muslims - and Robert Spencer will be the first one to say that! But is Islam peaceful to its core? I have not seen any proof of this. Then again, which religion actually *is* peaceful to its core, without betraying facts about human nature?