Friday, December 1, 2006

The Arab Conspiracy

I am post-dating this post because I want you all to be able to see it.


Red Tulips said...


Great video. This goes along with my saying that I am one of the few truly pro-Palestinian people out there.

Anonymous said...

one hate-ridden propganda against another hate-ridden propoganda - two wrongs make two wrongs

While Israel should not be blamed for all the problems of the Palestinian people - all Muslims should not be branded as evil - obvious point

Indeed the so called Arab brethren are guilty guilty guilty of allowing the Palestinans to live in such dire states

In fact - I don't care whether it's Palestinians/ Israelis/ Muslims/ or Jews - inhumanity is inhumanity, hatred is hatred. It's no way to live.

Humanity should be "the culture for all" and not hateful messages towards anyone - because it does not solve the problem.

Oh and also here is a link for some Scientitfic analysis on the polonium poisoning:

Cheers be well :-)

Red Tulips said...


I didn't see the video as saying that all Muslims are evil, but rather, that the Koran is bandied about as the answer to all of life's problems, rather than actual progress and human rights.

Obviously not all Muslims are evil, but equally obviously, in the Middle East, Islam is seen as the answer to life's problems, and notions such as human rights and fairness are thrown out the window. This puts Muslims themselves in a dire position, being manipulated by their incompetent, corrupt, and brutal leaders into accepting them, as they are Islamic, and are fighting the non-Islamic 'other.'

In short, Islam has become the ultimate wedge issue, and it is Muslims who are the victims! :-(

Anonymous said...

Red Tulip: I see your point my Dear. :-)


Jason said...

I've been missing out on articles on this site ever since this thing was posted, because I keep coming here and seeing it on top and wonder why there hasn't been any updates.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how different the world would be if we didn't depend on oil? Who would bother to give the time of day to these crazies if they didn't have oil? I know it's wishful thinking but with an alternative to oil, we could just round up all these troublesome hatemongers amongst us and drop them in the desert, back where they belong.

Red Tulips said...


Ahhhh, a world without the need for oil. One can dream!

ratherdashing said...

I agree that our oil dependency does end up funding the jihadis. But, oil is not behind every muslim terrorist act. Take for example the Toronto terror plot (blow up the stock exchange with three tons of fertilizer and behead the prime minister). These people were not trying to drive the US out of the oil rich regions. They were motivated by their book. THAT'S where the trouble starts.