Thursday, October 26, 2006

YNet Pimps for PLO Terrorist and Holocaust Denier

Turning to the Palestinian arena, Ganor said that "the Palestinians are now at the stage of shaping their self-identities," a process he described as ultimately "positive." They are torn between "terrorism and violence against Israel, definitely the concept used by Yasser Arafat under the Oslo accords," as well as today's "Islamic radical terrorist organizations," and the "alternative option, which is actually being represented by (PA President Mahmoud Abbas) Abu Mazen," based on the idea that "terrorism and violence will never fulfill the Palestinian national interest (Interest in wiping out Israel -ed)."
IMO: The PLO is our greatest danger, worse than Hezbollah and Hamas combined. Abu Mazen is a champion of deception; his method is to walk us into the ovens. The hope for a future peace remains hollow until these genocidal terrorist networks are eliminated.

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