Thursday, October 19, 2006

Follow up to "web rage" article

As has happened in the past, sometimes posting articles on this site causes original participants in an event in question to find the article and comment on it. Previously, I had written of a "web rage" event in a 'Yahoo, Islam' chat room, and speculated that Islam was the cause of said web rage. Well, to be surprise, a participant in the chat room found this site and commented. (or so he says he was a participant, anyway!)

I can clarify this for you guys. I am a regular in the chatroom this incident stemmed from.

Neither of these guys were muslim nor had any interest in the islamic faith beyond levelling criticism at it. As I myself was there doing.

These two developed a personal running feud over a number of months which had nothing to with islam. The final straw seemed to be when jones accused gibbons of being a paedophile.

The paedophile accusations carried on a for a number of weeks and culminated with gibbons making a threat a week before the actual assault to "fuckin kill you jones"

He went as far as to make a countdown each day. Six days to go, five days to go etc. Then he actually carried out his threat as you are all aware.

Gibbons was clearly a nutcase. He often ranted and raved like a lunatic on voice in the chatroom.I should perhaps mention before finishing off that jones actually included his full name (johnny jones) in his chatroom identity. And often made references to his rough location though not actually his address.

Gibbons was able to locate his address through electoral records using his name and the location jones openly gave in the chatroom.

Assuming this is correct, I guess Monkey Chops was right, props to him! I am always amazed at the power of the internet to uncover facts like these.


Anonymous said...

You can have no doubt I was there. Had I not been there and therefore had a personal interest in this sorry tale, I would never have found your blog. I should also perhaps mention that I was there as an anti islamist. As in fact most of the people who frequented the room were.

And talking of blogs. Perhaps some of you may have an interest in taking a look at the blog page of the guy who carried out the attack, who went under the chat id of pastordevil, among others.

The blog was last edited on Jan 10th 2006. The day before his arrest.

Red Tulips said...

Thanks anon for finding this blog and pointing me to the webpage! I hope you stay. :-)

Anonymous said...

Are anti islamists who mingle with net slashers welcome around here tulips? ;)

Red Tulips said...


Feel free to stay here, but please adopt an identity! (click on 'other' and just choose a name) This way I can address you as someone other than 'anonymous.'


uk_correspondent said...

Anon revealed.

Thomas Forsyth said...

I will also admit that my guess was wrong, and I should take Monkey Chops down to the Aqueduct Race Track so he can help me beat the odds :)

Ibrahamav said...

Almost frightening!

uk_correspondent said...

I agree Ibrahamav. If you take a look at some of the rambling posts of pastordevil on that blog it can be a little disconcerting. Some of the comments attached to those posts are no better.

Something you may have found even more frightening would have been listening to pastordevil, often drunk, raving away on voice chat.

He threatened to cut many throats, which everyone laughed off. His threats turned out not to be idle, or not for jones at any rate.

Anonymous said...

Pastordevil, has been released from prison after serving 2 years for the webrage incident in 2006. His real name is Paul Gibbons, and he has learned nothing from his imprisonment. He is truly a maniac and can now be found raging and threatening to murder chatters in Islam Chat:2....he still uses the same chat Ids with Pastor, Exudes or Bot killer in them...stop by the room and observe this Psychopath for yourselves.....You will witness a psycho-murderer in the making!