Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Web rage

Meet Paul Gibbons and John Jones. They met in a yahoo chat room, discussing Islam. (it was yahoo, Islam chat) Evidently John Jones said something that so offended Paul Gibbons that he drove 70 miles to Jones's home, and beat him with a machete. I do not know what was said to cause such a rage, but I am guessing it was about...Islam. (given it was a yahoo Islam chatroom) This is why I do not post pictures of myself on this board, and use an alias. You can never be too safe. This case is really an eye opener. The British police said this was the first recorded case of "web rage," save for the"Magnolia fan" incident in the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back movie.


Thomas Forsyth said...

That is pretty scary, though I guess being beaten with a machete is better than being hacked to pieces with one.

Monkey Chops said...

"Their exchanges soured after Gibbons accused Mr Jones of spreading rumours about him."

Doesn't look like it had anything to do with Islam. The only link to Islam seems to be the fact they met in a chatroom about Islam.

Anonymous said...

I suspect, but cannot prove that Islam must have had something to do with their dispute.

Red Tulips said...


You have a point, but I do suspect it had something to do with Islam.

In any case, whether it has anything to do with Islam or not, certainly this is an eye opener about giving out personal information over the net.

Monkey Chops said...

I suspect, but cannot prove, that it had to do with Gibbons wearing ladies' underwear.

Red Tulips said...


This was a chatroom about Islam. I am just saying it does not take a cognitive leap to assume that a comment related to Islam is what caused this violent urge. It's not like the BBC would tell us if it was, anyway. After all, we are led to believe that the protests in France are "violent youths." They don't tell us that in fact these protests are being done by MUSLIM youths.

Monkey Chops said...

Discussing French riots is irrelevant. I'm saying making assertions without any confirmation is an insidious way of going about things. Until reports establish what was actually said, I'm saying hold your horses. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you want to continue doing so, that's your prerogative.

Red Tulips said...


Nowhere in my article did I said that the cause of this incident was Islam. I merely offered up my speculation, given they met in an Islam chat room.

But anyway, this incident is scary not because it is about Islam, but rather because of the idea of someone beating someone else up because of comments said in a chat room.

Monkey Chops said...

Ja. That is scary. Scarier still is when a Jewish New Yorker has your home phone number. ;)

Kevin said...

I just find the whole thing funny.
Yeah they meet in a chatroom about Islam. But at the end of the day it's just an old fashioned verbal fight that got out of hand. You can't blame everything on Islam, rather it's the people who misrepresent Islam that cause the problems.
I mean i don't particulary care about certain women from muslim communitys covering themselves up completey. I doubt you'd be able to enforce a law banning that practice. But Labour do like to make unworkable laws. I totally digressed from my point there.

Thomas Forsyth said...

While it is not absolutely conclusive that the attack was done over Islam, let us look at this form my old Geometry class.


Paul Gibbons and John Jones were haveing a discussion over yahoo Islam chat.

Conclusion: Paul Gibbons attacked John Jones with a machete, though with the blunt end.

Now, we have soem theorems:

Islam is a religion

Religion is known as a hot-button issue.

While religion (as well as politics) is lots of fun to talk about it is a subject that people try to avoid at the dinner table (killjoys).

For such a violent reaction, it is probably very likely that there were some very heated discussion and a great deal of virtriol.

Now, this is not a 100% guarantee that the fight was over Islam, but I'd give that theory 2 to 1 odds.

Now, there is the much smaller possibility that John Jones was just a mjor troll and Paul finally tracked him down, and if that is the case, then Monkey Chops may want to consider a trip to the race track :)

Anonymous said...

I can clarify this for you guys. I am a regular in the chatroom this incident stemmed from.

Neither of these guys were muslim nor had any interest in the islamic faith beyond levelling criticism at it. As I myself was there doing.

These two developed a personal running feud over a number of months which had nothing to with islam. The final straw seemed to be when jones accused gibbons of being a paedophile.

The paedophile accusations carried on a for a number of weeks and culminated with gibbons making a threat a week before the actual assault to "fuckin kill you jones"

He went as far as to make a countdown each day. Six days to go, five days to go etc. Then he actually carried out his threat as you are all aware.

Gibbons was clearly a nutcase. He often ranted and raved like a lunatic on voice in the chatroom.

I should perhaps mention before finishing off that jones actually included his full name (johnny jones) in his chatroom identity. And often made references to his rough location though not actually his address.

Gibbons was able to locate his address through electoral records using his name and the location jones openly gave in the chatroom.

Jason said...

I've made no effort to hide my identity.

Of course, I'm a tough badass so no one can touch me. ^_~

Anonymous said...

I too knew these two vaguely in chat, I guess they were just as evil as each other. Anyway here is gibbons'blog if you want to delve any further. It contains various conversations and rants about jones and his girlfriend "krusty Kunt"

Anonymous said...

maybe it would be easier if you all stopped assuming what had happened has you do not know any of the people concerned and so it does not affect any of you apart from the clear message of internet safely!

Anonymous said...

No, of course it had nothing to do with Islam. Islam is the religion of peace ... err ...pieces. Or more to the point two pieces, the head decapitated from the torso. If this were about Islam, the infidel Jones would have been beheaded. It is the Muslim way.

Anonymous said...

Ah. So this could have been a case of two muslim people arguing on an Islam-related webchat, where things got out of hand and they showed themselves to be violent nutcases. That would surely have reflected poorly on Islam, no matter what the actual cause of the problems was.

Instead, it's a case of two anti-muslim people arguing on an Islam-related webchat, where things got out of hand and they showed themselves to be violent nutcases. This will surely reflect poorly on anti-islamist... Except no, now they're just random nutcases.

Anonymous said...

well this convicted paedophile paul gibbons didnt get the lesson from first time , he still act like typical pedo posting kids pics and threating to kill chatters . i think there is something wrong with british authorities over there