Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Condemned to hell

Carmen wrote an amazing, must read post explaining why many would condemn her to hell for falling in love with a Christian man. She also brought up an important and ignored question...
Why is it that the suicide bombers are not only not considered apostates, but in fact are praised, and someone who falls in love with a nonMuslim is considered an apostate? Wouldn't it do Islam a hell of a lot of good for clerics/mullahs/imams to condemn terrorists to apostacy? And yet this has not happened. The opposite has happened.
Why is a terrorist celebrated, and a peaceful person who happens to fall in love is denigrated?


Bar Bar Butt said...

I am perfectly intolerant of religion and religious people and make no excuse for it.

Religion is a load of nonsense.

Religious people are ignorant, unenlightened, weak-minded fools.


Red Tulips said...

bar bar butt:

I believe religion is a load of nonsense, but that people have a right to believe in that nonsense, as long as it does not infringe upon my liberty NOT to believe.

It's all about personal liberty, that's the bottom line. I am not tolerant of intolerance.

Jason said...

I was going to make a comment but bar already said most of what I intended to say.

Gary McGath said...

Perhaps the explanation is that it's safer to call down the wrath of God on nice, loving people than on terrorists.