Wednesday, October 25, 2006

George Galloway is a terrorist, a traitor, and a total moron

After watching the following two videos of Galloway, I felt like puking all over my computer screen. He literally told a crowd of Muslims at an 'Al Quds' rally to take up arms as terrorists against his very country. He told a crowd of Muslims to attack Israel. He praised Hizballah. He told more people to join Hizballah. He also proceeded to lie about some former Palestinian 'nationhood' that supposedly Israel the 'terrorist state' 'stole' again and again...and again. This is a MP in the UK. The man should be tried for treason and jailed. Part I Part II Hat tip - Infidel Bloggers But of course, Galloway is not just a terrorist. He is a stupid, shameless, and moronic terrorist. The following two clips shows just how stupid and shameless Galloway actually is: Galloway on Al Jazeera saying that Bush and Blair have a Clinton/Lewinsky relationship, and then later shamelessly lapping up food like a cat on TV, in a position looking like he was pleasuring her on national TV: Galloway doing the 'robot' on Big Brother: The man is a total and utter embarrassment as a MP and sickens me just as a human being. The fact that he shares the same valuable air that I breathe is enough to make me physically ill. Watching videos one and two, I was reminded of Adolph Hitler. Galloway has the same hate in his eyes, and even the same tone of voice when he speaks. He also is advocating a genocide of Jews, just like Hitler. The fact that he is a hero of the world left is simply terrifying.


Anonymous said...

Great post. However you are giving the man too much credit.

The "I salute you, Oh Saddam" Galloway isn't Hitler. He just loves licking Hitler's ass.

uk_correspondent said...

I don't suppose it would surprise any of you to learn that Galloway has a palestinian born wife. Amineh Abu-Zayyad by name.

Steven said...

Galloway is on the top sports radio channel every single day trying to appear as a man of the ordinary people; a workers man. I think he is gaining popularity for his sick racist "Respect" party.

Sue Blackwell (A nice women who tried to shut down the Jewish Society in Birmingham University):
"[Respect] is a Zionist-free party... if there was any Zionism in the Respect party they would be hunted down and kicked out."

If he gets into parliament the Jewish community will be in danger.

And for a nice little factoid:

"George Galloway's Respect party has drawn attention from gay activists amid the claims that he is associated with the Islamic Party of Britain, a party that advocates homophobia.

The Respect party received significant financial support from the Islamic Party of Britain in the last election.

The donation of £15,457 counted for nearly 30% of the Respect party's campaign budget, according to the Guardian.

The website for the Islamic Party of Britain says:

'Islam condemns and outlaws homosexuality.'

Peter Tatchell of the gay and lesbian campaign group OutRage! said: 'Proof of the homophobic rot at the heart of Respect is the party's open embrace of people and organisations that support the death penalty for homosexuality.'

Islam is funding the Respect Party. Now there's a surprise!

Jason said...

I've heard his name before, but I didn't know who he was.

Anonymous said...

Galloway seems to me, I've never heard of him till now, to be an attention junkie. He will take up any cause, as long as it makes him notorious. He will do anything as long as it puts him in the limelight. No morals, no scruples, no brains. Lets call him a haemorrhoid. Or is that too polite a term for him?

Steven said...

Heya Jason,

Maybe you have heard of him from this (Transcript)

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

With the british system, do people vote for the MP's directly, or do they vote for the party and the party selects the idiots?

If they vote directly for MP's, I have to wonder what kind of need-to-be-neutered morons voted for him? What is wrong with british society that a group of people could find him reasonable? Our biggest nutjobs come from San Francisco, but even then, I am not sure Galloway could be elected there.

Kevin said...

The British public vote for candiates in their specific area. The 3 main parties will put up candiates. But if you get a certain number of signatures on an election form and can pay the relevant fees then you can be put on the ballot paper. Galloway used the anti Iraq war feeling to his advantage in the last election, as it was one of Blair's babes who lost her seat to him. He exploited the muslim vote to win basically. He is a hate monger and an arrogant twat.
His style of debating is to shout people down and make them feel like idiots. Not much different to Bill O'Riley on Foxnews really in that respect.

Anonymous said...


I recall that she divorced him a couple of years ago because he slept with anything that moved.

The divorce was acrimonious. Surprised you haven't heard of it.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

If you are English, and never heard of Galloway, you should A) be ashamed, and B) find some new news sources.

Seriously, the guy was all over the news for getting oil-for-food kickbacks from Saddam. He is a nutjob and a half.

Kevin said...

George Galloway is quite well known in the UK, after his stint on Celeberity big brother where he mimed being a cat taking milk from a saucer.
I've been aware of him for a while as i follow what goes on at Westminster.
Though not all English people care about politics. They are much more intrested in how badly the England Football team is doing and shouting for the latest in a long line of England managers to be sacked.

Steven said...

LoL - So true Kevin!

But you have to admit it, Sven was terrible!