Thursday, October 5, 2006

Feeling great!

I am finally feeling better, after over a week of pain. I have to tell you that when you don't have your health, you have NOTHING! And life is wonderful! :-D I figure you all will enjoy a graphic that shows my mood today. I hope life is treating you all well! Life life to the fullest, because you only live once.


shlemazl said...


The reason G-d sends diseases is so that we learn to value life's little pleasures (like not being in pain).

Don't you think I can be one hell of a Rabbi?

Nice pic.

Red Tulips said...

Yes, I shall now call you Rabbi Shlemazl. Your sage wisdom is unlike all other! :-D

Bint Alshamsa said...

I'm very glad to hear that your pain has waned. Of course, I can not compete with Shlemazl when it comes to advice but I've always thought that chronic pain is the best reminder of why we should be kind to others. Having an acute sense of how difficult it can be to live in pain makes me a lot less willing to hurt others, physically and emotionally.

Besides, disabled people like me get all of the best parking spots. :oP

I am wishing you pain control and many more mobile days. Are you on medication? Is your pain associated with some illness? If this is too private please just ignore these questions. I've just found it very helpful to talk to others who deal with chronic pain because we can share management strategies.


Red Tulips said...

bint alshamsa:

No, the pain was not chronic, but it was from a very rare bacterial infection that was misdiagnosed at first and got worse - so bad that it became intolerable. Thankfully, I was eventuallly correctly diagnosed and now feel relief from pain. Huzzah to being well!

I hope you are able to get treated and get well!

Bint Alshamsa said...

How awful! Well, I'm glad to hear that they finally got to the bottom of it. Hopefully that was just a one-time ordeal.

My cancer is incurable so I just have to cope with it but I'm able to get through most days with a lot less pain medication than I used to have to take. I'm working on getting off of it altogether one day if possible. The doctors say it isn't likely but we'll just see about that. I've beaten all of the odds so far.