Sunday, October 1, 2006

The atheist blogroll

Hey all, I just thought I would publicize a blogroll I joined - the atheist blogroll. Take a look at some of the blogs that I link to now on the blogroll - I think you will find them interesting! I will have a better update tomorrow. All the best, Red Tulips


Ibrahamav said...

May I congratulate you on your controlled vehemence on the 'munich' blog? It saves me much typing and misspelling.

Red Tulips said...


I always feel queasy as well at the name "Munich blog." It reminds me of the 1972 atrocity.

Funny how easily Karin took offense. I feel I was being relatively civil.

Ibrahamav said...

She is a convert to Islam. Very touchy situation.

Red Tulips said...

If she can't stand the heat, she shouldn't have converted to Islam.

That simple!

Ibrahamav said...

Seems the kitchen has become much hotter. She is now praising posters whose comments are quite hatefilled and threatening the counter-posters with banishment.

Next she'll claim she can't be an antisemite because she loves arabs.

Jason said...


I can't find what you're talking about.

Ibrahamav said...

We are discussing another blog. The link is

The founder is a convert to Islam who believes that the peaceful words in the Koran outweigh the hatred in the minds of Muslims, regardless of the overwhelming proof that it is not the case.

Additionally, she is gathering a group of antisemites about her, further poisening her mind to accept islamic violence against Jews as justified.

She is now threatening to blacklist those who oppose her.

Render said...

She's gonna "blacklist" those who "oppose" her?

How ironically suitable.

Yeah, I looked, read a bit. One post was enough to determine her dhimmi status and future burqahood.

I wonder if they've told her about what happens to those who leave the cult of death? I wonder how she'll feel as wife number three or four? Is a cliterectomy in her near future?

I wonder, does she understand her position as a German whose co-religionists seek the very same genocide her nation sought in the 1930s and 40s?


What was that "get with God" crap that Chet guy was spewing? I have it on good authority that God isn't the slightest bit amused with people who kill Jews. He said so.

...and I'm quite certain that my God isn't running a death cult and never has.


Ibrahamav said...

It is rather amusing, but with 1.4 billion true believers, it is also a little bit frightening.

What is more troublesome are the ignorant fools like Chet who have read one conspiracy blog too many. As he is in the American Heartland (Nebraska) it is not hard to imagine him down at the local coffee shop gnawing on a bone while he infects the next generation with his opinions.

shlemazl said...

Ah, that one. I've come across her on the whining propaganda "mother from Gaza" blog. Did not realize Karin converted.

I am still thinking about the Atheist blogroll. I am an atheist, but I like religious people. All in all I am not sure just yet.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Shlemazl, do you think they'll let you on a Catholic blogroll?

You can be a member of all sorts of blogrolls. I just find it easier to check out what interesting like minded
people are saying.

I'm a member of the Torie blogroll too, and they have quite a lot of Young Earthers as members.

Do you think you will offend your "believer" readers if you have the Atheist blogroll on your sidebar? Are you a self hating Atheist:)

shlemazl said...


I state that I am an atheist in my profile and I look like a devil; complete with horns and tails.

I also posted this:

(check out the links to 10 reasons to be a muslim/jew/christian).

Those who wanted to be offended have already excused themselves.

However the atheist cause is not mine. I just don't care that much whether people believe or not, although I consider it a little silly in our day and age.

The Tory/Republican cause is close to my heart. I know exactly what big government and socialism are all about. That's why I am on the Tory blogroll.