Thursday, October 26, 2006

Welcome post

Greetings, I am Thomas Forsyth, aka Green Baron, and I have been a frequent commenter at Culture for All, and I have now been given this great honor to be a blogger here as well. I am truly honored, but was looking for something to blog about, and now I have it. With my background in Economics, I found an interesting article by Economist Thomas Sowell, about free speech and how people are selective about it. Here is the article. Any thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Variations between the two?


Steven in Wonderland said...


Just going to sleep but wanted to say hi.

Jason said...

I think I would take him more seriously if he didn't use only examples of liberals silencing conservatives. I think it shows bias on his part, and speaks volumes given the constant efforts of the religious right to censor and silence these days, in addition to their openly theocratic ambitions, which far eclipses anything the left is trying to do.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to "culture" :-)

Where are you from, Thomas?

Thomas Forsyth said...

Schlemazl> I am originally from New Orleans, though currently I am stationed in Ft Hood, TX. I've also been assigned to Germany, Kosovo, and Korea.

I notice that you are a blogging Tory and a Torontonian. I was briefly engaged to a Newfie, and she was from the same town as noted blogger Damian Penny. BTW, this link may prove amusing, as someone there said that I was Stephen Harper wearing Conrad Black's clothes.

Jason> You're right that Thomas Sowell uses certain examples though he is a conservative and not free of bias. I also doubt that Sowell is a fan of the religious right, as they are also enemies of capitalism.

Jason said...

The religious right are technically opposed to free market capitalism, but the economic right and religious right have yet to break over this issue because of a careful ignorance, compartmentalization, and all sorts of mental acrobatics that just lead them to ignore these differences.