Saturday, October 28, 2006

Australia's shame

Now, a recent comment by a fanatical imam has probably caused a lot of controversy and well, rightfully so. Sheikh Taj Aldin has the audacity to compare women to meat, which is bad enough, but to excuse rape?? In the US Army the maximum penalty for rape is death. Unfortunately we cannot use a cigar cutter to cut off a rapist's dick, so the degenerate will bleed to death, but that is exactly what a rapist deserves. Also, rape is not about sexual arousal, as Aldin seems to imply. It is about power, and it is betrayal, the worst act one can commit. A woman trusts humanity that she will be able to leave her house and not be attacked by thugs, and by raping her, you have betrayed that trust. On a date, a man forces himself on a woman, he has betrayed the trust she had in him to agree to a date, and in marriage, this violent act violates a trust wife has in husband as well as the trust of the marriage covenant itself. Never is rape permissible. If a woman walks down the streets naked, that is no excuse to assault her. Grab a videocam if you want, but that's it. Even if she presses herself against a guy, that still isn't an excuse. As far as I am concerned she has to initiate a request for sex, before it's consensual. Now that is an extreme example, but the message should be clear that unless a woman ties an unwilling man down and pounces on him, rape is NEVER the woman's fault. Now, Mechanical Crowds presents an appalling picture of what went on in Cairo. Regardless of causes, the actions are completely unacceptable. I grew up with a pretty strict view of sex, but I was also raised to respect women. I am also fairly lusty and repressed despite a sense of chivalry, but I know right from wrong, and rape is always wrong. In fact it is one of the worst if not the worst thing you can do to another human being. Savages who harass and attack women for being there should simply be castrated. Those who commit rape should be executed. I am not calling any group of people savage, but only those who act in such a repulsive manner.


Anonymous said...

The cleric you refer to is a mufti and his name is Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali.
A mufti is an Islamic scholar who interprets Sharia Law.

Red Tulips said...

The people who attack women are savages. The mufti who called women pieces of meat is a savage. Those who agree with him are savages.

However, this is a seperate issue from whether all Muslims are savages. Obviously not.

I don't want people to get the wrong idea here!

But there is something very seriously wrong with anyone who blames rape on the woman. I call that incitement to rape. So do some Australian legislators.

Jad said...

Austrialians should work to get him out of Australia, it's very shameful

I listened to his prayer and he was quoting someone else which means he agrees on every single word he's quoting....

This reminds me of Carmine Cristiano case were the Italian court overturned a rape conviction because it is impossible to take off someone's jeans "without the collaboration of the person wearing them" and that the girl must have cooperated.

What the mufti said wasn't part of Sharia Law and he's just an stupid person.

Gary McGath said...

People in Australia generally have denounced him as the barbarian he is, instead of apologizing for offending him, as probably would have happened in Europe. There's nothing shameful to Austrlia about that.

Thomas Forsyth said...

Red Tulips> You're right and such savagery exists anywhere, even near where we live.

His commenst do present a good deabte about free speech, though his actions fall into the categories of fighting words and shouting fire in a crowded movie theatre.

Jad> I do wonder if there has been anyone to discredit such a theory. Interest experiment.
I'd say even if that is true, teh girl may have simply given up struggling, which as I am reminded quarterly in Army briefings is not consnet. Also, if a woman consents to sex after having a few drinks, the guy can still be charged with rape, because her consent was influeced by alchohol. I am glad the Army has such guidelines, but I find it unfortunate that we need to be rmeinded of it so often, becuase the problem is widespread.

Gary McGath> I chose the title because it had a nice ring to it, and I am glad that Australians are denouncing him.

Ibrahamav said...

The problem is that the Mufti is not a fanatic. He is a typical Islamic religious leader.

This is the reason why Islamic culture is so dangerous in western society. Their norms are foreign to us.