Monday, October 23, 2006

Why do anti-America people flock to America?

Big Pharoah recently analyzed a strange phenomenom. He asks: Why do anti-America people flock to America? He wrote this post in regards to the recent attempt of Muslim Brotherhood officials to speak at NYU, and the denial of their visa to this country. (GOOD, finally the US is doing something right!) He wondered why, if these people hate America so much and call it the Great Satan, do they want to go to the Great Satan? He answered this question by saying that America's greatness is so great, it is even greater than the hatred these people have for it. I respectfully disagree. I believe that these people go to this country for one of two reasons: a) for economic opportunity (ie, they love MONEY more than they hate this country); and/or b) because they wish to become fifth columners within this country, and bring this country down. It is that simple. Money and fifth columnness. This is why we MUST deny the entrance visas to this country for Muslim Brotherhood officials! Being in this country will not transform these people and make them less radical. They are only moving here for the money and/or to bring this country down from the inside. I am not saying that all Muslims think this way. But Muslim Brotherhood officials? Yeah, that is exactly their intention! And it is why we MUST crack down on immigration. The Muslim Brotherhood officials have no desire to go to Israel, because they are not allowed entry into Israel! However, if they COULD, I am sure they WOULD attempt to emigrate to Israel for exactly the same reasons they try to emigrate to the United States, namely, money or fifth column desires. The emigration into America has nothing to do with the greatness of America. It only has to do with the opportunity to do so, which we MUST shut down.


Anonymous said...

World domination is the creed of Islam.

felix said...

Not only should we keep out radical islamist, but those who already managed to get here should be legally deported.

Incidentally, I bet a President John Kerry Presidency would have allowed this creep to come into the US to attend the lecture.