Friday, October 6, 2006

This is what i don't like about religion in general

I have heard of this Phelps Woman before. But i've never actually seen her talk before. Follow this link as it contains a video of her apperance on Foxnews (the Fox presenters got quite irate with her). This is christianity at it's worst. The religion that Nietzsche called nihilistic and the bane of modern man (can't remember his exact words at the moment). This is religion preaching something that leads to anger and people doing stupid things. That woman makes my blood boil. I did have a point, but i'm far too angry to enlighten it in writing at this point in time. Edit: My point is that religion and Christianity in pitcular brings out the worst in people by appealing to their ego's. In so much that they have a higher regard for themselves because they are following the right path and everyone else should listen to them or else because they are following the path to damnation. It's easy to dismiss the Christian loons in America, but they do have sway with Bush. I'm hoping whomever wins the next US presidential election does not have to use the Christian vote to win power. As i firmly believe that the any state should be seperate from whichever religion that dominates that state.


Red Tulips said...

The Phelps family control the Woodsboro Baptist Church, with a bit over 120 members, total. They are an extreme fringe of society and do not believe represent more than themselves, as there is no mass movement of Woodsboro Baptist folk beyond that church. Moreover, the Phelps family is wholly inbred, and many members are actually retarded.

Something to remember.

But yes, they are vile beyond belief.

Render said...

Unfortunatly, they aren't all inbred. Many of them are lawyers.

They sue people, a lot.

They are also very much anti-Bush.

Fred Phelps was a campaign fund raiser for Gore.


There are an awful lot of truely evil people on the opposite side from GW.


shlemazl said...

Red Tulips,

This is not Christianity. This is one crazy woman.

Every group of people has morons. No need to generalize.

Kevin said...

I've had experince of christians exactly like her in the UK. They usually stand on street corners shouting at people to repent and atone for their many sins.
There are 1 billion or so Christians in the world, so when you scale that up there are more than just a few fringe loons kicking around.
Though Phelps is pretty harmless, it is the American Christians that believe in the rapture and in the book of revelations that scare me the most. I might be paranoid, but religion can have a very powerful effect on people, no matter how rational they appear to be.
Man has this inbuilt thing in the brain that kicks off when religion stirs it up. We are still a tribal speices, be it that we are americans, British, Jews or Muslim. We all belong to a tribe and violence can sometimes stem from that when rational thought is drowned out by the loons.

Red Tulips said...

Phelps is NOT harmless. In fact, Fred Phelps has been linked with murder and support Saddam Hussein. He is a disgusting and deranged piece of human trash and in no way representative of anyone other than his own inbred clan.

However, he also supports the Democrats, at least relative to the Republicans.

In any case, given how marginalized that man is, I don't think he deserves the attention he gets. They only get attention because they protest at military funerals and the recent funerals of the Amish schoolchildren, to protest the fact that America does not torture and kill gay people.

I am sick of the media buying into their insane quest for neverending attention. Hopefully this will be the last post on that sorry excuse for a human being.

Thomas Forsyth said...

Red Tulips> I'd put Fred Phelps in the category of dnagerous like a Wahaabi, but lacking their wealth. I didn't know about the in-breeding and I cna think of a few cheap shots about this being connected to his Mississippi origins, but well I already did :)

In addition to Sadaam, he supports Fidel Castro for Cuba's policies regarding homosexuality (not surprising given the collectivist and conformist mentality of Communism).

Ironically, the ACLU supported his "right" to protest military funerals and a judge in Kentucky struck down the law banning funeral protests.

Their Church (Westboro) only has 120 members? That is reassuring that it is so small. I think a perfect way to put Fred Phelps in his place is a gay pride parade on the periphery of Westboro's property with 1500+ homosexuals dressed conservatively (three-piece suit kinda stuff) and everyone of them armed.

This will give many good messages, and will probably discredit Phelps as he and his goons are too scared to protest or harass armed homsoexuals, plus it will show a gay pride parade that will have a certain appeal to regular joes and mainstream types who are a little skiddish about more outlandish events.

Now, to me religion is a leveraging force that can be used for good or evil. Personally, I would consider myself a Deist (though I have certain flirtations with Objectivism), but I see some economic good to religion, as long as it is kept in a special place, and doesn't interfere with science or learning (the Jesuits while having some very warped economic views are good examples as they value learning and scholarship, plus with my own background that is the first example to come to mind). I am not saying I believe any of it, but I enjoy the good contributions, in fact my first name is due to religion as the first Thomas in my lineage was a Dane named Thomas Muldrup. Otheriwse I may be named Hrothwulf, or Sven, though Hrothwulf Muldrup Logan Forsyth does sound kinda cool, but weird :)

Of course, I can't think of too many modern contributions provided by religion, well except for all the jokes based upon religion.

Kevin> Bush, Clinton, Carter, and LBJ are all notorious for playing up their faith, and in many cases, it worked. Guiliani may be a good example of someoen who can win without the religious factions, but he has made spoken to them, though he hasn't compromised his own beliefs like so many have before. In fact, he may be the first pro-choice Republican President since Gerald Ford. The Democrats will have the opposite problem as they have only won with religious candidates since 1964 (LBJ wouldn't campaign on Sunday), though Carter was the only one of them who was genuine in his beliefs, which is a pretty good argumet against religion right there.