Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Anti-Israeli police in...ISRAEL!

Today, I read a very disturbing article written by Caroline Glick. Evidently, Jewish worshippers of Simcha Torah were being pelted with rocks, stones, and crowbars outside Acre, Israel. The police sat by and did nothing, and in fact acted only to disarm a Jewish man who had a rifle for self defense. That is right, this happened in Israel. Please read the article yourself! If this sort of attitude of the police is going on in Israel, then where is there a safe haven left for Jews? It already is known that there are 10-12 attacks against Jews a day in France with the police ignoring the incidents, but I have not read of the Israeli police similarly ignoring attacks against Jews. Glick went on in her article to discuss how Jews are being denied access to the Temple Mount (a high holy site to Jews), while MORE mosques are being built on this site. THIS IS ISRAEL!!! WHAT IN BLEEDING HELL IS THE WORLD COMING TO??? Oh, and lest we forget, the lovely France has said they would fire upon IAF planes that fly over Lebanon, but they are not acting to disarm Hizballah. This is nothing new. As I have said repeatedly, the UN is a corrupt, feckless, terrorist-enabling League of Nations of our times. I hate that I was right to think the ceasefire between Israel/Hizballah was ill conceived. It is distressing to be right about these things.


Steven said...

That is why we need to make aliyah and turn the country around. At the moment Israel is a mess; she is not going to survive unless the Israeli public get their act together.

They voted for Olmert for goodness sake!


In my opinion, the entire political system needs to be built up from scratch.

Thomas Forsyth said...

Steven> From what I've read, the political divisions in Israel make Republican/Democrat partisan divisions look like a hug-filled lovefest.

Steven said...

LoL - so true!

Its a mess, somebody has to clean it up. :)