Thursday, October 19, 2006

A tale from the inside of World of Warcraft

Southpark recently had a hilarious episode about World of Warcraft, a behemouth videogame/RPG. One former gamer speaks of what life is like on the inside, and the incredible toll this game took on his personal life. From what I read, it is an addiction on par with any drug out there. Really interesting read!


Muad'Dib said...


Its addictive in a way, but honestly, when I was a teen I was addicted to paperbased Dungeons and Dragons much much more. I think people with addictive personalities will find something to obsess over no matter what they are kept away from. I also think parents need to do a lot more to keep their kids busy and not just at the computer all the time.

Thomas Forsyth said...

I would probably enjoy something like WoW, but I have neevr gotten into it. Ironically enough an ex-girlfriend trie dto get me into it a few months back, and I felt that the Army had enough demands on my time as it is. Also, my inner-scotsman doesn't like the idea of paying a monthly fee for an interactive rpg. I'll stick to my nostalgia of an old NES rpg like Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy.

It is kind of funny that my very first girlfriend who had certain issues with my fondness for D&D is now an avid WoW player and even has her mom in the same guild. I could also see my ex-fiance getting into WoW as well.

I admit it can be fun, but it's all a matter of priority. People have to know when to say when, or else they face the same problem that many in my family have with alchohol or Michael Moore has with a fast food restaurant.

Jason said...

Anyone who stands against videogames isn't fit to clean the piss soaked, shit sprinkled mulch bedding from my rabbits cages.

Red Tulips said...


Well, I agree that addictive personalities are the ones most likely to fall for WoW.


Love the bit about Michael Moore and a fast food restaurant!


HAHAHAHA! I hope I didn't insult video games, then!

Kevin said...

I'm staying well away from World of warcraft. It would probably suit my form of social aniexty.
I do believe that human beings can get addicted to things due to something inside the brain that only needs to be trigged in a certain way for the addiction to take hold.
Some addictions are worse than others and so on.
Though to be honest i have more fun meeting people than spending hours at a time in some silly computer game. Like when Red Tulips decided that i needed to go into a certain place and i refused, 2 minutes later Billie Piper of Doctor Who fame came striding past us. Ha i'm addicted to Doctor Who. Time to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow my dear. *runs off into a TARDIS with a frilly shirt whipping around his face*