Thursday, October 19, 2006

Arrested for converting to Christianity

Sandmonkey covered a very important story everyone must read, of an Egyptian man who was arrested and has been rotting in jail for 18 months for converting to Christianity. THAT was his 'crime.' His name is Bahaa El Din Al Akkad, and he is a 57 year old Egyptian, ex-muslim sheikh who converted to christianity more than a year ago, and thereafter was arrested by State Security and thrown in jail. Please read this story. Culture for all readers, what do you think we can do? Another campaign, as I did for Hala Al-Masry? E-mail Egyptian ambassadors? What? How do we get the word out here?


Admin said...

Peace to all,

Islam and Christianity, which one is the truth? Please visit-->

Red Tulips said...


Given I am an atheist, I say neither religion is the 'truth' and it is a pointless debate to be having. However, if you want to peacefully believe what you do, that's fine by me.

Steven said...


If you are either Christian or Muslim then you believe that anyone who does not follow your religion in life will will be sent to hell, burning and suffering for all eternity.


Please, correct me if I am wrong.

Thomas Forsyth said...

Steven> Well, some liberal Christian faiths are more inclusive, and if I recall during my Catholic days, non-Catholics weren't damned to Hell, though I recall they would spend extra time in Purgatory provided they were righteous, and long ago, I think the righteous unborn woudl be stuck in Limbo then enter Heaven after Judgment, but my faith has lapsed and I don't have my Catechism on hand, so I can't say absolutely.

Also, if I recall John Paul II gave the Jews a pass and the fire and brimstone stuff of Hell is more Dante's poetic description which is a good read, but nothing more.

Now, while I am not an atheist (unless you perhaps count some pre-Enlightentment definitions of atheism), I don't believe that any current belief systems are objectively true. I do however enjoy studying them and learning what they actually believe as so many believers are incredibly ignorant.