Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's all in the family

In NYS, there is only one statewide election that looks to be even slightly a race: the race for attorney general. The fight is between Andrew Cuomo, who is Mario Cuomo's son and a former housing secretary (Mario Cuomo was a three term NYS governor), and Jeanine Pirro, Westchester County DA. Experience-wise, there is no question who is more qualified: Pirro has built a career in the DA's office, and has prosecuted, successfully, some very high profile cases. She has been a rising star in the NY Republican party for quite some time, and certainly it is only a job promotion, but not a radically new job, for her to be NYS's attorney general. Ordinarily, her experience alone would make her hard to beat, despite NYS's Democrat leanings. However, in this instance, Andrew Cuomo has the Cuomo name that NYS voters like and identify with. He also has the backing of the wildly successful current attorney general, Elliot Spitzer, who is a shoe-in for governor in this election. But lastly, and probably most importantly, he is not married to someone who has gone to jail for tax evasion, and is not under federal indictment for bugging his spouse's boat to check if the spouse was cheating. Jeanine Pirro is. You have to read the fascinating article in NY Magazine about this couple. Al Pirro is a massive political liability for Jeanine. This is not exactly Ozzie and Harriet. I am not sure if Jeanine Pirro's bad marriage makes me want to vote for her, or vote in disgust against her, based on what she did within the marriage! (I place most of the blame on the husband, though bugging him, given she is a DA, was rather low) If nothing else, this race provides a wonderful source of soap opera-esque entertainment!


felix said...

Jenine Pirro and Alan Hevasi should both drop out of the race.

Thomas Forsyth said...

I have accepted that this November will be a good time for Democrats in NY, though I have also heard good things about Pirro, and Andrew Cuomo did very pporly running for Governor in 02, but he did not have the Democratic party backing, then.

Sadly, I have neevr been too familiar with my mother's side of the family in Long Island, as any trips for family involved my grandparents in Broward County, Fl. My own mother has not been to her birthplace of NYC in over 30 years, though she will go this Thanksgiving to see her Uncle Douglas who is 93 and the last of that generation of Worthingtons. I wish I could go (well for seevral reasons), but work has me stuck in Ft Hood. I know my mother doesn't want me talking too much politics, but I'd love to know the views my cousins have on some of the elections. From what my mother tells me about our Worthington cousins, and adding to how Irish the Worthingtons are (despite the WASP surname), they'd probably be in the same side of the spectrum as Congressman Peter King (and I think he is their Congressman), so I'd love to hear their opinions.

As for Pirro, I can't blame her for bugging her husband's boat. Maybe she is at worst guilty of using Westchester resources for a personal issue, but I blame the husband for his actions and bringing suspicion to himself.

Red Tulips said...


It was a joke that at first Pirro ran against Clinton. In this case, she is at least qualified for the job, so that's something.

As far as Hevasi goes...agreed about him.


I actually like Peter King. Not on all issues, but has really is one of the few Congressmen who says it like it is about Islamofascism.

Thomas Forsyth said...

Red Tulips> Peter King was great on Farenhype 9/11 as were Ed Koch, Ron Silver, and Dick Morris. Even when you disagree with Peter King, you still see him as a stand-up guy who won't give you any bullshit, or that's my opinion of him at least. I also like his Congressional neighbor Steve Israel as well.

As for Hillary, Kathleen McFarland could have been a credible opponent and NY's GOP surely needs to revive the Rockefeller wing to be viable, but that will probably not be any time soon.