Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My name is Rachel Corrie

As many of you probably know, Rachel Corrie was a 23 year old American woman who joined the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and moved to the West Bank in order to "help" Palestinians. (ie, hurt them by supporting their vile, repulsive suicide bombing) If anyone really wants to help the Palestinians, you should discourage suicide bombing, as that is setting back their cause. But anyway. Here is a picture of this vile human being, burning an American flag, with Palestinian children surrounding her.

Note that she is also wearing a hijab. I would not be surprised if she converted to radical Islam prior to her death.

Rachel Corrie died when a bulldozer ran her over, as she was trying to protect a home that allegedly had drugs and weaponry. Here is an HONEST account of her life.

So let's go over exactly what this woman was...a terror supporter...someone who aided and abetted the enemy...and someone who basically ran into a bulldozer and died. I am supposed to shed a tear for the loss of this 'fine human being'? If I saw her in person, I would probably be unable to contain my vivid disdain for this person. What a waste. She was a bright, promising human being...and decided to dedicate her life to terror.

Why am I writing about her when there are other matters going on? (which I will get to, sorry, I have been busy!) Because evidently, there is an off-broadway play in NYC titled "My Name is Rachel Corrie" that premiered on Sunday. This is a collection of her journal entries, and directed by Alan Rickman, who I will admit is wonderful as Snape in Harry Potter (probably because he is acting as himself), and Katharine Viner, an editor for The Guardian. (there's a surprise!)

You can read about the controversy surrounding this play, yourself. What caused my blood pressure to go through the roof was when I saw Viner and the actress who plays Corrie, Megan Dodd, interviewed on NY1. The interviewer started out phrasing it this way: "So, do you agree with Rachel Corrie's view of what went on in the OCCUPIED territories?" (it is not OCCUPIED, it is disputed, so that is bias #1!) Viner then proceeded to speak of the evils of occupation, and this went totally unchecked by the interviewer. He just sat there and nodded. I started to feel physically ill and had to shut off the TV. It is disgusting that this tripe, which made a "splash" on the London stage, is being seen in a New York theater. It is even more disgusting that I am sure this play will also make a splash. Yay, it makes a terror supporter look like Joan of Arc, let's go see it!

Where is the play about Israeli victims of terror? Where is the play about the other Rachels, the Israeli Rachels, who died simply because they existed?

It is all one war, people! The ISM is linked with Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, which fuels worldwide terror. It is one war, and those who seek to destroy Israel also seek to destroy the US. Why are we lionizing these people? Do we hope to win the war against these people? How did our collective consciousness get to be so broken and dysfunctional?

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