Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Climate change stuff

Just visted deadairspace (Radiohead's studio blog type thing) and came across Thom Yorkes entry about climate change (he is passionate about fighting it). For those in the UK who haven't signed upto the BigAsk then check the website out. And for those in america Exxon secrets. The science is in. There is no denying climate change and the impact of our carbon spewing cultures. If we all act now, then we can save the situation. If not then we will most likely see rising sea levels and climate created refugees flooding into other countries due to the sea reclaiming the land. Take a look at the scientific data, that has been peer reviewed and is not propaganda from the oil companies. And make your choice or carrying on spewing out the lovely carbon. I have taken the first steps to helping the environment. I have ordered a 330 litre composting bin to cut down on the amount of waste my family sends to the landfill sites and i will be sorting out the recycling of the rubbish that can't be composted. Don't give into the "we are screwed" mantra. We can all make a difference.


shlemazl said...

Good effort :-) We need oil prices to stay hight for another 5 years or so. Nuclear is already becoming economic and other alternative power sources will be developed.

Once the oil is no longer such a key product, Iran/Saudi/Venezuela et al will be screwed and the terrorist funding will die out.

Two birds with one stone.

Red Tulips said...


I agree. The oil addiction is what funds terrorism. If we could rely on alternative fuels, the terrorists would be left with no way to fund their violent jihad.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

There is no denying climate change. But there is no evidence that we are causing it, or at least none that cannot be countered. Most temp increased happened before WWII, and temps have dropped in the last couple of years.

Climate change is natural. What is not natural is the socialist/environmentalist lobby that it trying to use global warming as an excuse to transfer wealth from the US to the third world.

Red Tulips said...

Mr. Smarterthanyou:

I agree that the environmental cause has gotten twisted and intertwined with the anti-globalization cause, however, at the very least, it is clear that we have global climatic change afoot, and humans are at least partly responsible for this.

Jason said...

What we need are matter/antimatter reactors.

Kevin said...

We have been pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere since the start of the industrial revolution in the UK.
Carbon dioxide is one of the big greenhouses gases. Once in the atmosphere it stays there.
There are natural temperature varitions but we have had a direct impact on the environmental systems that the earth has. We can can have the lives we are accustomed to, but we have to change how we get our energy. Which means moving away from fossil fuels and towards energy sources that are renewable and don't have a carbon footprint to use the trendy word. All it needs is some courage and for humans to do what we are best at. Finding solutions to what seems like an impossible situation.
I do believe in a fair distrubtion of wealth that benefits all of mankind, not just shift the balance of economic power to one section of the human population.
And i don't care much for those rabid anti capitalists because all they do is produce a lot of wind and not much in the way of fair solutions.

Steven said...

I read about some fantastic new technologies being produced at the moment that will not only solve our energy needs, but reduse the costs dramatically. Checkout the KiteGen.

"According to its developers, a one GigaWatt installation will be 1/40 the cost of the corresponding nuclear powerplant."

Not bad!


Mr. Smarterthanyou, there is no proof that Smoking causes cancer either, we only have trends. What we do know is climate change is there and it is atleast aggravated by our greenhouse gas emmissions. The climate is changing due to several factors from global warming to global dimming.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

If we were responsible, then the bulk of warming would have happened post wwII, not well before.

Please remember, the nutjobs pushing for international socialism in the name of global warming did the same thing in the 70's, in the name of global cooling.

Personally, I think we do need to compost more, spread out more to eliminate concrete jungles and promote more greenspace (suburban sprawl is GOOD), but things like huge tax credits for solar/wind power at the homeowner level, national net-metering for home power generators (check out,, but we really need to do some serious drilling for oil, and start using some of our coal reserves.

In 30 years, we will be running on fuel cells regardless. So in the meanwhile, conservation and production would keep our economy kicking, starve nutjob despots of money, be more environmentally friendly, and keep American innovation and the way of life going.

Wealth distribution is nothing but communism, and it won't work. 100,000 million dead people can't be wrong.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

LOL, We can do a "count the typos" contest on me.

Steven said...

This wiki includes the historical temperature record.

"If we were responsible, then the bulk of warming would have happened post wwII, not well before."

During a world war, there is a lot of pollution.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Wiki cannot be used as fact, it is user-edited.

The best collection of charts that I have found are in the back of "state of Fear" by Michael Chrighton (sp).

The most warming happened BEFORE WWII, so your statement makes little sense.

In the last couple of years, we have cooled a touch.

Don't forget solar activity as a cause for warming.

Look, the folks pushing global warming solutions are socialists. The environmental movement has become a front for socialists. They are anti-capitalist, pro-wealth redistribution, anti-US. Kyoto is nothing but socialism on a grand scale, and the bulk of the world supports it because it would seriously hurt the US, and even our supposed friends aren't above a bit of shadenfreude at us when they can get it.

Steven said...

"Wiki cannot be used as fact, it is user-edited."

True, I just don't see this as bid deal, I trust these figures - but maybe that is a mistake. Do you have different stastics avaliable online from a good source?

"The most warming happened BEFORE WWII, so your statement makes little sense."

Oh yeah. Sorry about that, I mis-read your comment.

"Don't forget solar activity as a cause for warming."

What are you suggesting about solar activity?

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Scientists have recently come out with data suggesting that solar flare activity is cyclic, and that it has an impact on earth temps.

Guys and gals, trust me, conservatives really do care about the environment. But what passes for environmental groups these days is really just another front for socialist groups.

I don't like seeing crap dumped in the ground, water or air. No one that I know does. But the solution is not some twisted marxist ludditism.

Unlike "environmentalists", I actually live IN nature, or pretty dang close to it. I have almost 7 acres, with 800 feet of creek, about 20 miles north of Boise, in the mountains. Every year I endure grass and forest fire smoke sometimes from hundreds of miles away. I have deer eating my trees. I have huge owls, red-tailed hawks, falcons and osprey, not to mention golden eagles in my 'hood. Once I saw a pronghorn run thru my neighbor's yard, and when I bought my land, I found elk poop on it. Bear poop too. Right now, I have a pack of Coyotes that I think are denned nearby, but now I have to decide if I need to run them off or shoot one to scare them off. $ years ago my dog got mauled, but this year, they sound like they are throwing orgies in my front yard. I saw two in daylight 200 yards away, which makes them a bit bold.

I am to the right of Bush, but I deal with environmental/natural issues more than any New Yorker ever will. Heck, I just spent 2 years teaching in bush Alaska, I've discussed climate change with Indian and Eskimo elders.

I just wish that all the global warming activists would actually walk the walk and learn the science and history.