Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Did Israel use 'enriched uranium' in Lebanon?

I did not think about the silly 'enriched uranium' debate, until Kevin 'informed me' that Israel used 'enriched uranium' in Lebanon. Shlemazl, a nuclear scientist and expert in his field, wonderfully debunked this horrible libel, spread by none other than Robert Fisk. Please go read it! I would write more, but the Shlemazl link is a MUST READ!


Ibrahamav said...

I thought you were joking. Surely you meant depleted uranium as only an Islamic fascist Arab or farsi has the mentality to think to use enriched uranium as cladding.

Anonymous said...

Thanks :-)

Kevin said...

I don't believe any kind of uranium should be used in conventional weaponary, no matter how well it can pierce concrete or tanks.

I just think it's a rather dumb idea to use it in weapons, as Israel's enemies would probably try and make a very crude attempt at a dirty bomb, that would'nt work.
My only real fear about uranium in the middle east is what the Iranians are doing with their precious enriched uranium (they might be bringing a few thousand gas centrifuges online to make even more). If i remember correctly you only need 2-3% enriched Uranium to kick start a nuclear reactor ? My memories of physics lessons are full of me snoring my way through them lol.

Red Tulips said...


Shlemazl is an actual nuclear scientist, and said that depleted uranium is safe. He would know. I used to think that any uranium is scary, but he certainly changed my perspective!