Thursday, August 3, 2006 spews hate and bile towards Israel

Alaa was the Egyptian blogger who was jailed for months over his protest of the Egyptian government actions. I wrote about his jailing and torture right here. Well, thanks to google's (imperfect but very useful) web translator, I was able to actually read And it is not pretty. You can read for yourself the hate that is spewed on that site towards Israel. I thought to check this out based on a comment Alaa left on Big Pharoah. Here I thought that Alaa was jailed for being all counter-cultural, and now I find out that that is far from the truth. I cannot wait until Google's web translator from Arabic to English gets out of the Beta stage. Then it can really be put to use!


Steven said...


Heya. I am just packing my bags and noticed this story - all that time and effort was used up to let a Nazi out of jail. What a waste.

Ps. Google Arabic > English translator is great! I wonder if there will be an English to Arabic translator so I can join some Arabic sites and take part in the discussions.

Red Tulips said...

I too felt very betrayed. Sad, sad, sad, is all I can say.