Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sri Lankans kill 61 children over air raids...UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch silent

Yes, it's true, and it is a tragedy. I do not know what went into the decision for the air raid, and so I will not say it is Sri Lanka's fault per se...but where is the righteous indignation for this from the press, or from the world, for that matter? You know that if this were U.S., or (nonexistent) god forbid, Israel, it would be front page news all over the earth. As Andrew Sullivan points out, this is just an example of the press's bias towards Israel. But that said...I am impressed that the BBC covered this. Good for them. My thoughts are with the families of everyone involved. *sighs* Humans are such beautiful and ugly creatures, dontcha think? Unlike, say, Qana, the UN here are investigating before proclaiming anything. Talk about double standards. Anyway, politics aside, this is a horrific event, and it chills me when children die. Whyever the children died, whyever the children were there, it is a tragedy.


Jason said...

I myself have no specific position on this because I am completely unfamiliar with the situation,, and can't possibly have an informed position.

Render said...

Allow me...

LTTE (The Tamil Tigers) have finally been declared what they are, a terrorist group.

With their access to international fund raising cut off by this declaration, there is much dissention within LTTE leadership as well as morale problems.

On Aug 10th over a thousand LTTE fighters attacked army positions in the north and east. Four days of heavy fighting left over 200 dead, about 60 percent of them LTTE and a quarter of them civilian.

LTTE attacks Moslems. Pakistan supports the Sri Lankan army.

LTTE is claiming that an air attack on an LTTE training facility instead hit an orphanage for teenage girls. But the LTTE kidnaps and coerces teenagers, boys and girls, to serve as combat and combat support troops. LTTE has been under pressure to stop recruiting teenagers, but has refused to do so.

Just like the Lords Resistence Army. LTTE aren't the Lords, they aren't resisting, and they aren't an army.


August 15th, 1973 a Black September bomb kills three, injures 55 in Athens Greece.