Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Lieberman lost!

So it seems that Ned Lamont won the primary battle against Joe Lieberman. Joe lost and will run as an independent. The way in which this primary was fought speaks volumes about the Democratic Party. I really am at a loss over what to say, when I agree with Bill O'Reilly. It's a sad day in American politics. Then again, huzzah, it seems Cynthia McKinney is down. So all hope is not lost. :-) It's telling that Bill McKinney, Cynthia's dad, said that it was "J-E-W-S" that lost her the race. She and he are antisemitic pieces of garbage, and I am glad she is out.


Recording Live said...

Unfortunately Schwartz, from Michigan, lost his primary as well. He was a moderate Republican and had been willing to work with Democrats (much as Leiberman was willing to work with Republicans). The guy who will take his place is much more conservative.

I also think that to some degree, this highlights a growing problem: the division in American politics. The schism between left and right is growing daily. I'm tired of hearing liberals saying only they can save America, and I'm equally tired of hearing from conservatives that only they can save America. Let's not forget that the most important pieces of legislation of the 20th century, Civil Rights Act, GI Bill, Interstate Act, etc., were put together and passed by BOTH sides of the political divide who worked together on those crucial pieces of legislation. Nothing will be accomplished if either side is marginalized.

Red Tulips said...

I agree completely with what you just said.

shlemazl said...

There is a problem with the US system in that primaries are designed to vote in radicals and representatives of interest groups. None of my business, but that's my impression.

Red Tulips said...


True, but this does speak volumes about the base of the Democratic Party. And the base of the Republican party re: Schwartz.