Friday, August 11, 2006

Debbie Schlussel examines Hizballah High

Very scary stuff. We cannot ignore the growing numbers of Islamofacists who exist in this country. We would do so to our detriment. Debbie Schlussel is a brave woman who is doing the job that I hope to be doing one day. But right now, first things first, I have to learn Hebrew and Arabic!


Render said...

I've always liked Debbie's work. Deb, Pamela (of Atlas Shrugs), and Michelle Malkin do much to restore the kind of damage that Anne Coulter creates with her bull-chinashop approach.

Proving that it isn't about the looks, it's what's inside that counts.


The question now is; How much longer before they try to declare Dearborn a no-go Sharia area? And how long do they think they can hold off the Feds if they do?


Red Tulips said...

And to think I used to work for Ford Motor Company and spent an entire summer in Dearborn, Michigan!

Debbie Schlussel's work is amazing, though I do not like the fact that she is a big Republican. Still, she speaks truth to power, and that's all that counts in my books.

I will never be a dhimmi.

Render said...

I drive a Ford.

...and it amuses me to no end to think that ol Henry the anti-semite is spinning madly in his hole in hell at the thought of a Jew owning this truck.


Red Tulips said...


Meh, Henry cared about money even more than hate.

But even still, I walked all over his house, and worked for his company. Me, the atheist zionist Jew. I doubt he'd be happy with that one little bit.

Well good. He was Nazi scum and his Dearborn Independent was nothing more than an antisemitic rag.


Render said...


On December 8th, Henry had a very unpleasent meeting with some personal representitives of FDR's.

Ford was the first automaker to convert entirely to wartime production.

FDR collected butterflys.


Jason said...

Reading her Clerks 2 article is enough to convince me this lady is a complete wacko..

Red Tulips said...

I read the article, but I didn't see Clerks 2.

Did you see it? Is she totally off base?

Jason said...

Anyone whining about the supposed denigration of "culture" is more than off base, they're off the planet. It's just more moralistic christer whining.

Red Tulips said...


To be fair, Clerks II does seem to be THAT BAD.

But yes, surely an overreaction on her part. I agree there.

Nonetheless, she is right with regards to this story.

Jason said...

Clerks 2 was not bad, it was BRILLIANT.

She's probably just pissed because of Randall hassling the christer kid in it.

Red Tulips said...


The latest Kevin Smith movies have sucked royally, and the only good movies he made were made seven years ago at the latest. (Dogma, Chasing Amy, and Clerks)

That said, I am glad you liked the latest film. I didn't see it, but looking at Rotten Tomatoes, the reviews were not as bad as I thought.

Kevin Smith could have accidently made a good movie, who knew?