Wednesday, August 9, 2006

The HEIGHT of stupidity

I will not link to the terror-supporting blog, I do not want there to be more links there registered on Technorati, if nothing else. But what may be the height of the stupidity on that blog was found in the following entry ( I urge you to only go to that website if you wish to verify what I said - but for no other reason. This entry actually states that Nasrallah is not anti-Jewish. I fear that the idiots of the far left may actually believe this utterly bullshit nonsense. That could not be FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Nasrallah has openly called for the extermination of Jews. He is no better than HITLER. This man is NOT a "freedom fighter," he is a genocidal maniac! Do not believe me? Go ahead and read the proof yourself here, here, and here - just for starters. The man is a genocidal Hitler of our times. Anyone who says otherwise is blind, ignorant, or approves of his message. Do not be fooled into thinking he is a legitimate "freedom fighter."


Jean Lafitte said...

Not anti-Jewish. Right. This is the man who said that it would be great to have all the Jews gather in Israel becuase it would then be easy to wipe them out in one place, rather than having to hunt them down all over the world. I think he meant it as a joke. A real thigh-slapper.

Red Tulips said...

The mind boggles that anyone actually would believe the tripe that Nasrallah is not anti-Jewish. And yet there probably are also some people who think Hitler was not anti-Jewish.

The world is filled with idiots.