Thursday, August 10, 2006

War not too late to win

Benjamin Netanyahu wrote a great, concise, and to the point article in the Jerusalem Post, summing up the war in Lebanon quite well. (Israel has been putting ground troops into the country) Read it yourself:

The government's decision comes late, very late, but not too late. Destroying Hizbullah's fighting capacity and missile arsenal remains the objective that Israel must achieve. Clearly, air power alone cannot do so and a major ground offensive is necessary. While this should have been done considerably earlier, it nevertheless should be done today.

Firstly, on the military front, our goal should be victory over Hizbullah, a proxy military force for Iran.

Secondly, on the hasbara (public relations) front, we have to fend off the attacks and vilification of Israel in order to gain time for the military objective.

And thirdly, on the civilian front, the government must immediately declare a state of emergency. This is a war that, for the civilians, is worse than previous wars - longer and more costly in lives and property.

These are the objectives that I will support. In war, you must achieve your objectives. It is painful, but it will be much more painful for the country - in lives lost, cities paralyzed and security imperiled - if we have to face future rounds because we did not win this one.

True! Then I read this crap about how Israel has delayed troop expansion into Lebanon because of US pressure. GRR!!! Israel needs to finish the job NOW. Delays will only cost more lives and achieve nothing. There is nothing to negotiate when one side desires the annhiliation of the other. Let Israel negotiate after its won.


Anonymous said...

Let Israel negotiate after its won.

Like never?

Red Tulips said...

I know you are a Neonazi scum who found this site from qrswave's hate fest, but kindly remove your head from out of your ass right now. Life would be rather bad if the Hizballah wins, whether you want to admit it or not.

You are trying my limited patience. Contribute something worthwhile to this blog, or your posts will be banned.

Render said...


5,000 of trying to kill us all, and we're still here.

Every nation, tribe, and community group that has attempted extermination of the Jews, has met with great misfortune.

Including Austria, which was once an empire.


Render said...