Friday, August 11, 2006

Pallywood productions

Found via Little Green Footballs, this is an INVALUABLE LINK. See: Pallywood Productions. Think of this as you ponder the suicidally stupid acceptance of the ceasefire that Olmert incompetently accepted.


Ryan said...

oh it's so sad israel cannot continue to completely destroy lebanon. red tupips where is your mercy for the lebanese?
you are so ignorant about the reality of the israeli occupation! this blog is full of lies, misinformation, and cruel views!

Red Tulips said...

Oh right, completely destroy Lebanon. I saw your George Galloway post on your blog. I see you are a fan of the same George Galloway who met with one of the UK terror suspects many times.,,2-2006370177,00.html

This is the same George Galloway who supports Hizballah.,,31200-galloway_060806,00.html

This is the same George Galloway who ruthlessly exploited the UN Oil for Food Program.

This is the same George Galloway who pretty much supports any tyrannical dictator in existance, as long as they are anti-US/anti-UK.

The man has ZERO credibility and has committed outright treason, yet you support him like he's fine and dandy.

Israel did NOT completely destroy Lebanon, though of course Hizballah would love to completely destroy Israel. You don't care, of course, do you? Who cares, it's just a Jew, right?

Please point to a SINGLE article of mine that is factually incorrect. I ruthlessly fact check before posting anything on here. Do you?

Israel has gone out of their way, to its detriment, of protecting the Lebanese "civilians," even though the Lebanese support Hizballah in far greater numbers than the Austrians supported Hitler.

War is hell, but sometimes it's necessary.

The best way to end it all? I will quote Render.

Stop killing Jews.

Red Tulips said...

Let me add that it is beyond pathetic that you are probably gay (given the fact that you found me via and I am one of the few straight people who read that site), and yet you support the Palestinians, who would murder you in a second for being gay.

Just sad, sad, sad. Al-Fil of that site at least somewhat gets it, and you don't. Pathetic.

Open your eyes, man. Look around you, and see the truth in the world.

It is because I support gay rights and liberal values, that I support Israel.

And anyone with a halfway decent knowledge of the region would feel exactly the same way.

shlemazl said...

I think Olmert was right to accept it. Might not actually stop the war, but we shall see. The fact is Israel wasn't making progress on any of the key objectives from captured soldiers to HA destruction. Blood was being spilled for nothing.

Time to get to get back to the drawing board. The first round was a draw, but Israel got a valuable lesson. Next time Israel will be ready.

I have little doubt there will be the next time as HA isn't disarmed and has only one objective. Next time could start tomorrow or in 5 years but it will happen.

Ryan is one of Prof. Kurgman's pupils. He is copying all Prof's lectures on subjects as varied as Walmart and use of chemical weapons by Israel. Honestly, you are better off talking to a table.

Render said...

Kurgman eh?

Chumpsky for semi-literate athletic scholarships.

I'm not sure table is the proper euphemism. Perhaps "gnat" is more appropriate.