Thursday, August 10, 2006

Obsession: the movie

Found via the Atheist Jew, a link to the movie Obsession, on google video. Please watch this movie!


Anonymous said...

Obsession is a propaganda film with the intention to aid recruitment for a national draft coming soon.

Red Tulips said...

Provide proof of this or your comment will be deleted. I saw the movie and every single frame of it is true.

Anonymous said...

After seeing that film, would you not want to enlist in the army to help massacre all those terrorists? (if you're stupid enough)

Every single frame may well be true, but it's so well edited that it doesn't even tell half the story. It portrays a group of people intent on changing the regimes of 2 nations, Israel & USA. But why?

Not a single frame of the film attempts to explain why these people feel the way they do. Instead it makes it look like they are all natural born haters of western civilisation for no reason whatsoever.

These radicals are just an extreme fringe element of a much wider problem that Israel & USA face having created them themselves by their misdoings in the past and present.

Red Tulips said...

As I suspected, you have not seen the movie.

In fact, the film goes into great detail as to WHY terrorists become terrorists. They are brainwashed from the time they are babies into thinking Jews are cockroaches and must be elliminated, and that Islam must take over the world.

This is quite similar to how the Nazi youth were brainwashed. It's brainwashing, pure and simple. Everything else is an excuse, not a reason.

Anonymous said...

No the so-called brainwashing is HOW they become so-called terrorists, not WHY.

WHY are they brainwashed? I have seen the film and it doesn't explain anything.

I suspect Israel and USA are doing and/or have done something gravely wrong in the treatment of these people and their families, which is a reason, not an excuse.

Red Tulips said...

You might as well as why the Hitler youth were brainwashed. It is the same mentality. It is, as David Mamet put it, like blaming the rapist because the skirt was too short.

Some demagogues are willing to stir up hatred of Jews/Israel/the West in order to fuel their own power hungry purposes. It is also being used to distract people from the disgusting authoritarian regimes of the Middle East. It is the ultimate "wedge issue" over there.

It is not the fault of the Jews/America/Israel/the West that the hatred exists anymore than it was the fault of the Jews that Hitler stirred hatred against the Jews.