Thursday, June 22, 2006

Egyptian blogger FINALLY freed!

Egyptian blogger Alaa (of spent weeks in jail, for speaking out against the oppressive human rights in Egypt. Finally finally finally, Alaa was freed by the Egyptians. You can read more of Alaa's story on Sandmonkey. It seems that Alaa was tortured before he was released from prison. They attempted to break his will, but they did not succeed. Stories like Alaa's bravery give me hope for the future in the Middle East. Stories of Egypt's oppression make me all the more aware of the mountain these brave warriors for the truth are up against. (UPDATE: Big Pharoah had so identified with this cause, I somehow thought Alaa was part of Big Pharoah, but he was not! I wanted to clarify!)


Citisucks said...

To bad you do not share a love of freedom of speech as you rountinely choose to delete comments of people from your site who disagree with you and your support of the murdering of Palestinian children.

ChiefMommy Owl said...

Not to interfere, but all miss r has asked you to do is site the sources for your wild claims. She has no obligation to publish your baseless statements. I'll ask you to give one quote from this or any blog where Miss R has supported the murder of Palestinian children.

If you sent an article in to Time magazine and they refused to publish it, would they be denying your freedom of speech?


Red Tulips said...

Chief mommy owl,

I have in fact done just the opposite from citisucks's baseless claim. I actually have stated that I value the lives of Palestinian children, which is why I find it deplorable how the Palestinians seem to care so little when their children die.

Actually, I hold Palestinian life in far higher regard than those who claim to be "antizionist."

I am letting this comment stand only because at least it does not involve the pathetic refrain of "white corporate male terrorist" which citisucks is incapable of getting past.