Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More than a day has passed...

...And not a word from re: the Hala story. We're waiting.


Egypeter said...

Why is it they don't care over there?

Why are they not sharing her story? You would think that they would considering the troubles Alaa had?

Actually, Alaa's family WASN'T threatened and his father wasn't beaten in my estimation this is a more dangerous situation.

I don't wanna think it...but could it be because she is a Christian? I sure as hell hope not.

Red are a star! God bless you!!!

Red Tulips said...


Thanks for the compliment.

Yes, I think her story is VERY important. I am going away for a few days - I am thinking that as a going away gift to you all I will post the Egyptian consulate email, and tell you all to email them.

This story has to be disseminated.

And it's a crime that Alaa is doing NOTHING to help this poor lady.

Egypeter said...

Thanks tulip!!

You are SO very welcome!

I will email them immediately and spread the word to my buddies.

I've bookmarked this site because I love it and will be back to visit often...if you don't mind :)

Have a nice trip and stay safe, ok? :)

Your neigboorhood friendly Copt,


Red Tulips said...


I am glad you love the site, and come back anytime! :-)

I also have updated the addresses that letters and emails should be sent to. I forwarded this all to Andrew Sullivan, and I hope he posts about it on his blog!